Friends going to JDRF walks/support

I am headed to a JDRF walk tomorrow. Last year I tried to get my friends to go, but we all stayed up late and so it was a fail. It’s only about a 30 minute drive, and is a super flexible event, right? Like you can leave whenever you want! It doesn’t even take that long to finish the whole walk usually. Anyway, I gave everyone a heads up this year, and am actually going this time.

I am going with my roommate’s Dad, who was recently diagnosed. He’s super nice, but I’m afraid it might be awkward, since I am in college. The age difference can be weird, but I have to say he is one of the first type 1 diabetics I have actually had a good relationship with. I also think his wife will be at the walk.

His son, my roommate, was supposed to come, but bailed because of too much homework. It upsets me that he has bailed as a friend, but it is also upsetting that he isn’t supporting his dad. My other friend also bailed…because of hw. I just think it’s a lame excuse. Like if they actually wanted to come they would.

It just sucks being let down by friends. I am trying to keep a positive mindset about it, and reason with my self. Like, yes I know they have their own lives, etc. But then I’m also thinking that if they had something going on that day that was important to them, they would make the time. Or if the event was school related, or whatever. I guess what i’m saying, is if the event was overall more important.

Hi Emily @emfeller, enjoy the walk. Although you post is dated today, I think today may be your walk.
During the walk, along the way, you will have plenty of people around with whom you can talk and share - people of all ages from infants to old-timers like me and a few much older than my 77 years. I, for the most part, don’t have difficulty talking with younger folks but I sometimes hesitate to begin the conversation; I know at the last walk I attended I was approached by younger people who just wanted to share their experiences and ask me about my ventures in living with diabetes.
Your roommates father should do well - and just think, you may be a really good support for him.

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@emfeller hi Emily, a very wise friend of mine said “if you want to be happy, you can have high hopes but zero expectations” it took me 10 years to figure out what she was saying.

it’s also helpful for me to remember that everyone has stress if not crisis in their lives. If someone is short with me, or comes off angry or quiet - it is very likely that they have their own stuff going on and it has nothing to do with me… because it’s really possible that I am just not that important anyway. Whether or not it’s true has nothing to do with me… this is all just part of my strategy to be and stay happy. good luck.

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Hi Emily!
We are also going to a walk tomorrow. This will be our first. I’m glad you are going for you! Enjoy!

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