Help with Support Group


  Our JDRF Chapter is coming tonight to town tonight to meet with some newly diagnosed parents.  We are very excited for our Chapter to reach out to these new families and share information about all the great things the JDRF does and their excellent resources.

   Because these families are so newly diagnosed, many expressed concern about leaving their children at home- so I set up some babysitters to come and watch the kids while we are meeting.    Most of the children are between the ages of 7-10 and I thought it would give them a chance to get together and share some of their thoughts on diabetes.   I was going to have my son who is ten (and living with the disease for 7 yeards)  lead some of the "discussions" by writing "D" questions on cards and have the kids answer...   I thought it would give a chance for some of the much newer kids to share some of their questions in a fun way.   Has anyone ever tried anything like this?   Does anyone have any suggestions?? 


That seems like a wonderful idea. They get to meet kids with type 1 and don't have to wait until summer camp!