Friend's and school

Hey...i have this new friend that i met at school on tuesday and she does not kown that i have diabetes and i dont kown how to tell her. i need help on how to tell her? anyoone kown how

what i do is have my pump sjowing, like clipped outside of my pocket, and usually they ask then. and i'm like "oh, thats my insulin pump. i have diabetes" usually it works and they either ask questions if htey want or are like "oh, ok"

hope this helps!

thanks that dones help some

First of all, don't wait too long b/c then it'll seem like you were trying to hide something.  I suggest just coming right out and saying "hey, by the way, I have type one diabetes.  I didn't think you knew so I just wanted to tell you."  Then, she'll probably ask what that is and you can fill her in on whatever she needs to know.  I guess just make sure you have enough time to talk about!

thanks for that i think i will do that maybe

When I meet new people it's just something that comes out on it's own and has it's own timing because most likely if you are hanging out with that person that should see you doing some "diabetic stuff" like testing, eating a snack, etc. Most of the time if I need to test in front of them for the first time, I'll just take out my metor and do it and be like yea I'm diabetic this is why I am doing this. Or some people look at my medical alert bracelet because they think it's pretty and I'll tell them then....really what ever is best for you! But most of the time from 12 years of expiernce with will just come out naturally! Some people are intrigued and want to know more and others will think there is not big deal at all.

Good Luck telling your friend, but being diabetic is just another factoid in your life...just like what's your favorite color.

thank for all you help guys i think it will be very help full

I am - and we are ALL - here for ya!

Yay! When I tell my friends I just tell them the basics. They usually understand and everything is fine. I had this one friend in 6th grade that when I would forget to put my medic alert braclet on she would hold onto my arm and be my medic alert beraclet. I have alot of great friends.

We are all here for you! and everyone else!

Lil' Dia-Buddy, you are so awesome!!!

thanks i thought you would be

you are you good too me as a friend


Thanks, i Think i will tell her on monday with a friend there to back me up

ok Just a Quick update since i said i would tell her monday

i told her a i guess she kown so...she is fine with it

Yay! Good for you. You go girl! That's how you do it Diabetic style! lol.

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Lil' Dia-Buddy, you are so awesome!!!


Who me?! Lol. I'm really really confused.


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Who me?! Lol. I'm really really confused.


Yeah you!  Who else could it be?!?  BTW, nice picture!  LOL

Ok! Just checking. lol. I get confused easily. As you can see. lol. Ever since school has started I have just been crazy! Of course it's a nice picture! I love that movie! He's all grown up now! :)