FreeStyle Libre Support

I just got off the phone with Abbott about my FreeStyle Libre, and I was pleasantly surprised at the support I received.

I was wearing my very first Libre sensor for about 8 days and had started to notice that the adhesive around the edges on the small portion that sticks out from the sensor was starting to come up. The sensor still felt very secure in my arm though so I wasn’t too worried about it falling out. However, when I was playing with my dogs, one of their claws found its way between my sensor and skin and the sudden downward motion it was carrying left my sensor barely hanging on.

I called support because, unlike my 670G or my old Dexcom, I didn’t see a way to end a sensor and start a new one and wanted to make sure I did it right so as not to inadvertently waste a sensor. The gentleman on the phone went through some information with me and said they would replace my sensor (as a one time courtesy), which I thought was a pretty good thing of them to do considering the circumstances. I don’t believe it was the fault of the sensor that it came off, I blame the dog. Yes, the representative had the whole story. He also answered my question about starting a new one early. Apparently all you have to do is scan it and it will ask if you want to start a new one. Haven’t tried it yet since I like to put it in right before bed so my 12 hour warm up happens over night.

Just wanted to share my experience here. I don’t know if it really is a one-time courtesy and they’ll never replace a sensor for free again if one does fall out on its own, but the gesture was appreciated even though I wasn’t calling to ask for a replacement sensor.

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Abbot was really helpful when I was trying to figure out my insurance coverage for the libre. I was getting conflicting information from my doctor, my pharmacy, and my insurance company. Abbot cleared everything right up.
I just started using the libre this week, but I’m off to a rocky start. My first sensor came out this morning (day 4). I noticed it itching a little and when I looked at it the adhesive had started to come off and I could see the probe was coming out. I scanned it to make sure it was still working and then tried to stick it back on with medical tape and Band-Aids. Unfortunately they stuck well to the sensor but not to my skin and I wound up just making it worse. I really hope the next one lasts longer. I wore a practice one before deciding to switch and I accidentally tore that one out on day 4, too. I’m not going to be able to stick with it if I can’t get them to last at least a week. It’s nice to know that Abbot’s willing to replace one, but I really wish insurance would cover more than the bare minimum…

I have also experienced this with the Libre falling off after 6-7 days, and only getting 3 per month stinks. I now, use a sticky substance to hold the unit in place, then cover it with Tegaderm patch. Which helps.
I sweat a lot, being Chef, so I’ve had to find other ways to keep my Medtronic pump site in place as well. I wish, I could get enough Libres to cover a 30 day period.

Chef Mike

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I hadn’t thought of tegaderm, but was considering buying some coflex. Does the tegaderm last the full 10 days, or do you need to replace it? Is it comfortable to wear for that long? I used to be a vet tech and the animals all seemed to find it itchy after a few days.
My latest sensor is coming off already and it’s only day 3. :frowning: I ordered some adhesive pads on amazon that should arrive tomorrow. For now my arm is covered in medical tape. I also found someone in Finland selling what they call a “guardian” on Ebay. It looks like an armband with a little plastic ring that fit arounds the sensor. So trying that, too. And will probably call Abbot to see if they’d be willing to replace one. Especially if I wind up having to pull this one out early.
On the bright side: I’ve gone 2 whole days without checking my blood sugar!

I too have had great success with FreeStyle support. One of my sensors on the first day I think it was showed by BS went down to low and flat lined there even though my tester showed in the 90s. I called and they emailed me a certificate to get a new one at the pharmacy free of charge.

I’m a computer programmer and don’t sweat a lot. I have never had an issue of it coming loose. to me the hardest part is getting the old one off. That’s really sticky tape they use.

@awg0681 What is the trick to starting a new one early? When I first heard about the Libre, my APRN explained there is a way to skip the 12 hour waiting period by starting a new one early. I can’t seem to figure it out though.

I don’t know about a way to skip the 12 hour warm up. The only thing I was told by support was that if you put in a new sensor and scan it the scanner will ask if you want to start the new sensor even though your old one isn’t done yet.

If anyone knows a way to skip the warm up or pre-warm up a sensor I’d love to hear it. I just usually put mine on in the evening and it’s ready to go the next morning. That way I don’t feel like I’m wasting a day waiting on the warm up.