Freestyle Libre keeps falling off!

Hi there! I’ve been using the libre for a few months now, and I’ve had more sensors fall off than sensors staying put! I work an active job and have tried using tagaderm, sticky IV prep, and literal duct tape!! Nothing seems to stay on.

I’ve heard it can help to shave my arm or to maybe wrap it with a medical cloth or something.

Any bright ideas? What has worked for you?

Thanks mucho! :slight_smile:

Hi Amy @forestfern, Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!
Yes, it may help if you shave wherever you place your sensor. For years I’ve shaved my belly in the area where I place my pump infusion. Before the adhesive got as good as it is now, in hot sweaty weather I’d use “IV Wipe” - a sticky alcohol swab.
Now that I’m using G5 CGM sensors I’ve used the IV Wipe" [available in medical/surgical supply stores near me - in an orange box] and have had difficulty removing my CGM sensors.

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Hi Amy. Have you tried skintac? It’s a very sticky wipe on adhesive. I use it and haven’t lost a sensor or site since. It is very hot in Texas where I live. Without skintac my sites were literally just falling off of me when I went outside.

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Hi Amy,

We have tried almost everything on the market with my son, plus as an RN, I use a variety of skin preps on patients. I recommend SkinTac, Mastisol, or Smith&Nephew Skin Prep. Check with your endocrinologist to see if they have samples, if you’re reluctant to buy a whole box.

Also, try stretching the skin a bit in the area you’re applying the cgm, so that it won’t pull away if you’re reaching. You might find it easier to apply to a less active area, if it’s ok to do so per manufacturer directions.

Good luck :+1:t3:

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I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve been using Simpatch bandages to help keep my sensor on. They worked really well when the weather was a little cooler. Now that it’s so hot (and I’m sweating a lot) they don’t work quite as well. But if I keep an eye on it and replace the simpatch about halfway through the 10-day period, they still stay on ok. You have to be careful replacing the bandage, though. Last week when I tried to replace a simpatch I accidentally tore the sensor out, too, and it had only been on for 3 days :sweat:
I called Abbot to ask for replacements but a) they would only replace them if I had the serial numbers - so I only got 1 instead of 3 like I was hoping for- and b) they gave me a mini lecture about how the sensor can’t be exposed to moisture for more than 30 minutes at a time so I have to try to sweat less :thinking: