Freestyle Libre Sensor Oops

Hi all, I need a little help. I inserted my son’s new sensor, and about 10 minutes later he tells me it has stopped sticking. I go to check his arm, only to find it has almost completely come off and he is covered in blood. Obviously, I somehow managed to hit a vein, I am guessing. I had already scanned it with the reader to start a new sensor. Can I put his other sensor on and rescan instead? I don’t want to waste more money than I already have. We JUST got the sensors this morning, and I don’t know if I can get anymore at this point. His dr appointment is in a week or two, plus, we just don’t have the money to get more sensors right now. His dad had to ask his parents for the money to even get these. I am so mad at myself for doing this. I should have known better. He said it was a more comfortable position. I thought I could believe my 10 year old. This whole thing just plain sucks. All around. Stupid disease. Thanks for any help.


Hi Jennifer - Look on the yellow box the sensor came in and find the customer service telephone number. Call them and explain (they may have a long ‘hold’ time, hang in there), they will send you a new one at no cost. Terrible luck on this first try but I promise you, get that thing applied correctly and gain some new peace of mind! it IS worth the trouble. They will ask you for the number of the sensor, it’s the number on the black label that starts with the letter M. If you threw it away already you can give them the number from another sensor. I had a couple of issues learning to use it myself. Best luck to you and your son! * Carol *

We’ve been using these for a few months now, and this is the first time we’ve encountered a problem. I will see if we can possibly get a replacement through them though. Thank you so much!

Yes call the company! I have had a few sensors that didn’t work right, and while you have to answer some questions, they will send you a new one! And usually quite quickly. I love my Libre, and like it much more than the Dexcom…


Jess, have you heard or seen anything about the new G7 that is supposed to come out sometime next year? They say its supposed to be more affordable than the current G6. Also, much thinner and lighter, no transmitter will be required or something like that? If so, I’m hoping maybe that could be an option for us since my son will be going to another school next year (they separate 6th grade for the whole town, its weird, one grade, one school), and not having to get phone calls all the time from the school nurse on what his BG is would be fantastic.

Jennifer @FoxFaerie, tomorrow a Dexcom representative will be a guest presenter at our Monthly JDRF meeting; I’ll see what she has to say about the G7.

Hey there Dennis, that is awesome. Thank you for keeping me updated! I appreciate it very much.


No news Jennifer @FoxFaerie. Before the meeting began, I asked the Dexcom representative for a current update on the G-7.
She told me that because the G-7 is still in development, that she was not permitted to talk about it at the meeting - so I did not put jer on the spot during the presentation.

Oh, well poo. Thanks anyway Dennis! I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled on any other legit news. Have a fabulous weekend.

You can also go on the Abbott Industries/Libre Facebook page and direct message them, I’ve found it quicker than calling them. explain the issue, this has happened to me several times, give them the serial number, you can get this from the reader, and they will replace it for free. I also now use Skintac and a Simpatch to cover the sensor once it’s fully active. I have to say I’m a bit dubious about the reliability of the technology; I’m on my second reader and have had to get replacements for a total of six sensors to date. the last one didn’t work straight after the 60 minutes activation period, never worked. I don’t know if Dexcom users have similar problems?

Hi Jennifer, late to reply. You will find that this dies happens sometimes, don’t beat yourself up! When anything like this happens always keep the discarded unit. Sometimes they ask for you to return it with a prepaid label and shipping material they will forward to you. By now I hope you’ve received a replacement from Abbott?

I also use & recommend Skintac. It’s a great product to use before applying devices. It’s relatively inexpensive, and it last for ages as you only need a small amount. It’s well worth it in my opinion. It maybe available from you medical supplier, if not it is also available on Amazon.

Good luck!