Freestyle Libre 10 versus 14 day

I’m new to this forum… 32 years as a T1D, dx’d at 10. I just got my A1C down to 6 and want to stay on top of it. I just got my first Freestyle Libre and am getting an “incompatible sensor” message. The sensor is a 14 day and I tried 2 different readers. Pharmacists at CVS and Walgreens both thought I had the right one. Customer Service is not available on weekends. I want to cry. I paid out of pocket for 2 sensors and have had one in my arm since yesterday morning. I’m feeling like this is a big waste of time and money. Does anyone know what could be happening?

I’m hoping that my experience can help others. Here’s my advice for new Libre users. Check that the packages match before you put the sensor on. The 14 day reader and sensor packages are both clearly labeled. Also, just to be safe, start your sensor on a weekday. The manufacturer offers great support but is closed on weekends. And shop around for the best price. There was a $20 difference between the reader price at 2 pharmacies. It might also be wise to ask your doctor for a paper Rx. It’s a little more challenging calling to have your eRx transferred than it is to shop around with a paper copy.

The manager at my usual CVS told me they couldn’t get the 14 day reader. But I insisted they are available (per the manufacturer) and a different tech called another store who had it in stock. Sometimes you just have to be persistent. I hope things go smoothly for everyone else who starts using a CGM. It was worth the hassle and cost.