Freestyle Libre-other places to wear

Hi All, After having multiple problems with the Dexcom G6, I’ve switched back to the Libre. Has anyone tried wearing the Libre somewhere other than back of arm ? I’d prefer out of sight- on tummy or upper leg and wondered if anyone’s had success/accuracy wearing the Libre in those spots.
Thanks, Joanne

When I’ve used the Libre I only used the back of my arm. “They say” that’s the only site approved for it, but people do experiment in their own. If you do I would suggest doing a few fingerstick comparisons to make sure they’re close. As I understand it with these devices, if you have to call tech support with an issue they may not replace it if you’re wearing it in “the wrong place”. Keep us posted if you try it!

Thanks Dorie :blush: Right now I’m wearing the Dexcom G6 on one side & Libre on other side of tummy. Comparing both readings with blood tests, the Dexcom shows slightly higher #s than blood, the Libre lower. I know from prior experience the Freestyle is unreliable the first 12 hours, so I always pricked finger to compare. I never tried Freestyle anywhere other than back of arm before. I’ll report back. If anybody else has Libre experience off-arm, please let us know. Thanks !!

I’ve assists found the Libre pretty accurate right from the start, but you know what works best for you. And multiple fingersticks those first hours still beats doing them for days on end!