First impressions of the Medtronic #670G

I am part of the Client Training Phase and am on the new 670G and it’s changed my life! I have documented quite a bit of it on my blog here

WOW, I looked at your blog and I am so excited to get on the new system(s). I’ve been using a pump since 1982, and I finally got signed up for the pathway to the 630G then the 670G. What I ran into was Medtronic called me last July to tell me I was out of warranty, and they sent me a new 530G. TWO WEEKS LATER, the 630G came out, but my insurance had already paid for the 530G. So now, I’m just waiting to see what Medtronic will do to help me get into the latest and greatest pump. I’m keeping my A1c right below 7%, but I’m ready to get more in-range like you are showing! Thank you for that information–it gets me really excited to stick with Medtronic and the closed-loop system.

It’s still blowing my mind! I ate pizza and it was as if I ate a simple food. I didn’t spike or have prolonged highs. It was amazing. I certainly hope you can go to the 670G as well. At my best control, I lingered around 7.1 but hardly lived life. Now I’m doing both, my A1c, in theory, is 6.5 according to the data from Medtronic and my stress has gone down so much. It’s such a welcome relief.

Great blog, @LoffKat!

I’m wondering if anyone on TypeOneNation has switched to the 670G when their A1C was already in “normal” range and what the results were… If anybody has had an A1C below 6% and has used this new hybrid closed-loop system, please update me! I’d love to hear about whether or not your A1C fluctuated at all.

I have been below 6.0 for a whole year as of this month, so I’m hesitant to switch from what I’ve been doing. I’d love to hear about any more experiences with the 670G, though!

We are getting ready to start our two kids on pumps, and I was wondering about the 670G and Guardian CGM and whether it can send BG numbers to an iPhone? I would love to be able to see both kids glucose numbers during the day and while I do not need to be able to dose them remotely (they have a school nurse) that option would also be great! Thanks so much for your feedback on this new tech!!

I started on the 670g a few months ago too. Early on I was really happy with the smooth BG readings. Unfortunately I can’t get the hang of Medtronic’s CGM. In my opinion, Dexcom’s sensor is easier to use and has a wider range of accuracy, although both seem less accurate with higher BG’s.
I’m currently without any sensors because I had several instances of sensor failure, so i used up my allotted sensors earlier than I should have. Sooo, right now my 670g is just a pump, no closed loop. I should be getting new sensors soon. I’m switched insurance companies this month --hopefully that doesn’t slow down the approval process too much. I will be contacting my rep for more training with the sensors, but at this point I’m ready to give up, use the 670 as a plain pump and go back to Dexcom’s CGM.

I currently have a 530G with a CGM. My transmitter was determined to be broken after going through troubleshooting with a Medtronic rep. All I wanted was a replacement transmitter but was told that they are on back order and would not be available for 18 YES 18 weeks. However, if I ordered a new pump, that order could be completed after insurance verification. The rep was really pushing the 670G. Allowing a device to dose my insulin scares me. Can someone ease my fears?
How can a multi billion dollar company have supplies out of stock? I’ve been told in the past that sensors were out of stock and that if I paid the postage, they would send me two emergency sensors. (Believe it?). I needed a new charger for my transmitter and was told they were out of stock and they would send one when they are available. Now the transmitters are out of stock. Do you see a pattern here?
Rant over.

I don’t know about the “pattern” you are seeing, but I can help you a bit with some info on the 670G.
First off I have found the CGM to be WAY more accurate than the previous one for the 630G. My confidence level rose a great deal with this new sensor. Secondly one does NOT need to use the closed loop system! You can use this pump like any other pump and set things up as you like. In order to get FDA approval they had to set a range that was considered “safe”. That range is 120. So at an average BG of 120, although good for many people, is high for me. I can continue to use my pump with 110 as my average (or any number I choose), but I have to use it in manual mode. I’m accustomed to manual mode, thus it is no big deal. I will, however, try the auto mode to see how that works for me. Options, at least there are options.