Frustrated with Medtronic 670

Anyone else frustrated with the 670G? All of alerts and message to enter and re-enter BG. The BG and Callibration Not Accepted messages. Are other pumps and GCMs this maddening?

@doug hello, hey sorry for the question but is the 670G your first pump?

Yes. And my A1c is as good it’s been since I was diagnosed 24 years ago. I’d say that experience is 80/20 good /frustrating. The frustrating is getting to me.

Well setting up any pump and s hard and in my experience frustrating. Now you are trying to learn the pump and the cgm in one step an I bet it’s not easy.

There’s plenty of chatter here on the 670 please search and take a look.

My control lapsed a little when I started pumping but I made a 1 year commitment to try the heck out of it before giving up and it was all I needed. The 670 can work just like any other pump when not in auto. Also. Try to get in touch with Medtronic regarding a pump trainer you can do some intense work with. A little early coaching would probably help.

Good luck

I’ve been pumping for 20 years, on the CGM for 9. I’ve had frustrations but not 80/20, maybe 90 or 95/10 or 5. I have never bought from MM or Medtronic and have been very happy with my choice. Disetronic and then Animas and Dexcom for the CGM.