Favorite DME?

I have had some bad experiences with previous DME providers. Could anyone share some positive experiences with companies they like?

To clarify I am a 35 year old T1D (for 12 years). My DME provides me with Dexcom sensors, infusion sets, and reservoirs. I have had a difficult time with Edgepark and Byram in the past.

Hi @goatleg , I’ve used Medtronic for three pump models and for infusion supplies - never a problem. Everything arrives ahead of when needed and I’ve had very good support whenever I’ve had to call and never a problem with billing - everything at $0.00 co-pay in the most recent eight years under Medicare DME provisions.

Since I’ve begun using DexCom glucose monitoring, Byram has been the supplier and I haven’t had any difficulty. All I need to do is respond to an email reminder and my order is placed and supplies arrive.

Thanks Dennis. I’ve never considered simply going though tandem and Dexcom before