Dexcom cgm companies

I am hoping for some recommendations. I have been getting the runaround with Byram healthcare, and they have messed up too many times with insurance, and billing for me. Getting bills a year later, invalid bills, sending supplies before insurance allows, etc.
I need recommendations for cgm suppliers that you have worked with, and recommend, or stay away from.
I appreciate your help!

Thanks for the post. My work has shitched to UHC healthcare which doens’t deal with Dexcom directly, so they referred me to Byram. I’m in process of having my first shipment of sensors delivered. Good to know about billing/shipping issues.

I’ll update with whatever progress takes place. I’ll also be on lookout for alternate 3rd party distributors. Let me know if you find one.

My entire Medicare Insurance experience [8+ years] has been under United Health.
Once my DexCom G5 prescription was processed through DexCom, my supply orders have been fulfilled by Byram. So far, I haven’t encountered difficulties - just yesterday I received a “time to reorder” reminder from Byram - I clicked the link, confirmed insurance and shipping address and it was processed. Within the hour I received notification that my order was processing.

CCS Medical Supplies has worked well for me since starting using the Tslim and Dexcom G5 Mobile. they obtain pre approval from the insurance and approval from me prior to shipping also they are very knowledgeable of insurance regulations which especially applies in my case sincer my Group Insurance Plan through the Commonwealth of PA is managed by a separate contractor and adheres closely to medicare and medicaid so if either of those change then CCS is award and advises me. I have used them for over a year now and am very pleased.

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