Extra insulin supplies

Hi everyone I am new to the site. I was just wondering if anyone is in need of humilin N kiwi pen insulin?? I have 10 unopened boxes in my fridge that i will not be using due to having changed to diffent insulin. I am near Korea Town in the Los Angeles area I can givevthem away I dont really care as long as it goes to someone in need specially now with the pandemic and many without insurance or work. If anyone else can give me a suggestion on what else i can do besides throwing out the insulin that would be great. Thank you

Hi @CMSeda welcome to TypeOneNation. Hey that’s really nice to offer. You can always try calling your endocrinologists office in case they know a patient with needs as well. There are organizations that do take prescription drugs if they are not expired I found a couple usage a google search. I’ll leave this up for a while in case one of our participants can use it as well. Cheers!

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Just a note of encouragement to keep looking until you find a home for them. Lots of places don’t accept prescription medicines, but some do, and the people they help will be supremely grateful!

Call and talk to a person if you can, rather than just going by what you can find posted on a website. Sometimes what a site says and what actually happens are two different things.

And on behalf of whomever your supplies end up helping, thank you!


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