Insulin donation

Has anyone ever donated insulin to Insulin 4 Life? I have some Tresiba to donate. Just wondering how best to give it so that it can be utilized by someone who needs it.

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hi @mollie1 I think that’s really nice of you. The company name checks out with the IRS, accepts insulin, vials, pens, and cartridges “New, unopened insulin (vials, pens, etc.) of any type or brand with a minimum of three (3) months to use-by-date.”

You can ask your endo, if they know a family in need. I believe that pharmacies and hospitals can’t take insulin. cheers good luck!

Hi @mollie1. How wonderful of you to donate your insulin for someone in need! I poured Insulin 4 Life’s website and at the very bottom of the page are links where you can download a shipping label, and get packaging instructions. I hope that’s what you’re looking for.

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