Everything you ever wanted to know about Juvenation!

For those who don't follow Juvenation on Twitter, this was linked earlier today.  It's a video of Susan Harrow Rago (Director, Patient Services & Professional Relations at Novo Nordisk) and Rachael Lewinson (National Manager of Online Communications at JDRF - she managed the launch and development of Juvenation) at a conference of some sort, explaining all about Juvenation.  It's a little dry in parts, but I thought this had some really interesting stats on our community - or maybe I found it so interesting because I'm dorky like that.


Edit:  Hmm..  that was really weird.  I have no idea what that other website was!  Hopefully this new link works correctly.  Sorry, kids!

Kim, my computer keeps taking me to a wrong page :( I will try again in a while but Thank you so much for this-I want to see it :)

Kim...when I click on the link you sent, I go to some Big Brothers and Big Sisters page.....is the link correct????