Early Menopause, due to Diabetes...?

I am a type 1 diabetic since 1980.  I am 38 now....  I have been told by my OB/GYN that I am starting the menopause thingy early becasue of the diabetes.   I have hot flashes!  and they are not low blood sugars.  Has any one else heard about this?  Some people look at me strange and say that I am too young to be going through menopause....   Thanks!

I was experiencing the symptoms of menopause myself about a year ago and then my doctor reconmmended Estroven, a natural supplement. Ask your doctor about it as there are way too many side effects due to estrogen replacement therapy

Never heard this.  What was your doctor's explanation of how diabetes would cause early menopause?  

My OBGYN didn't necessarily say that menopause would set in early, but by golly it sure seems like it is trying.  She did say that all the "systems" are connected and it wouldn't surprise her if other things headed to Florida for retirement earlier than normal because one system is down there already.

I'm 38 too and haven't noticed any signs, but the women in my family tend to have fairly mild menopause in their early 60s.  Guessing that's what my experience will be too.