New adult onset type 1

in december i was diagnosed with diabetes. i was in DKA. it took a long time to get my sugars under control. the only problem i'm having and tell me if this is normal for women, is that since i've been on insulin my period has been non-stop. nearing 2 months now? i'm using the birthcontrol implanon, is there a reason this should be happening? or is there possibly something else wrong. i don't want to go to the dr unless there is something truly wrong. does anyone have any insite or advice?

go to the doctor!!! something  similar happened to my aunt. she chalked it up to menopause and did nothing about it. she had to go to the ER because after a month of bleeding, she only had 4 pints of blood left in her body. i have been on insulin for 28 yrs and have never heard of it causing complications like this.

I cannot address some of those issues, I can say that your metabolism is changing further (from the time your beta cells were attacked till sometime in the future) until you level off, expect more wild bg's and a range of emotions that will be difficult to control all the time. If you have a meter that is trusted by others and you are on an insulin schedule, then the rest will level out at some point. If you feel the dr. is your best feel good choice then by all means, see them. Because you think there is something wrong, there will be, and I don't say that lightly, I know - use the shirt to wipe the car with. It would be helpful for you to have another around as much as you can stand, just for a sounding board, and relief those moments we have all had. Do know you are not alone with what you are going thru, and it will get better as you learn the ups and downs of what is required of you to have some control. Jeff 43 yrs T1.

well thank you for the advice, i'm supposted to be seeing a dr about it on the 12th of march maybe i will go and see my PCP before then. i don't want anything like that to happen i don't like tranfusions, i've had them before and they are no fun!

I agree with Carmelita...go to the Dr. I had the same issue before I was diagnosed. I would have my period for approximately two months then it would stop for maybe a week and would repeat this cycle. A few times after this happening I ended up in ICU with DKA and a few other issues. After being on insulin for nearly a week it stopped and I was back on my regular cycle.

Definitely see your doctor.  Insulin wouldn't cause this.  Insulin just helps glucose get from your blood to your cells, so your body has energy.