Donate dexcom g5

I’ve been using the g5 dexcom and I have a very hard time having the sensors stick to anywhere I place them so they easily fall off well my insurance wont pay for them until December so if anyone have any to donate please let me know

I use the product Skin Prep on my skin before I apply the sensor. I let it dry before I insert the sensor + transmitter. It holds very well for a few days for me. You can also use Grif Grips over the assembly to make it hold longer. You can find Grif Grips on Amazon. I use the Skin Prep three days, then put a Grif Grip in place. That gives me more than a week without anything falling off. Then I renew that same sensor so it will last another week. a new Grif Grip may be needed sometime during the second week.

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If your sensor won’t stay on, you can call Dexcom and they’ll usually replace it for free. Also–I recommend SkinTac and ASillyPatch, two great products for getting Dex to stick better.

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I have some left, my son just started using the G6 and we no longer need them.

How many do you have please

I will check when I get home tonight.

I have 8, two boxes.

I can pay for shipping if you like .

PM me, where what state are you located in?

Idk how to pm I’m using my email

I’m in new Mexico that is where I live I can pay for shipping?

Do you still have them ?

Just PMd you :slight_smile:

Please let me know when you send them so I can keep an eye out thank you

Where you able to send the senors ?

I’m switching to G6 and have a decent amount of G5 sensors leftover. Does anybody need them?

Can I please be considered for the g5 senors please im in need .

Happy to send them to you if you’re willing to pay the shipping. When I get home I can let you know how many I have.

Ok that’s perfect thank you and yes I can pay for shipping and can you tell me when they expire

Good afternoon I haven’t heard from you is the senors still available…