Dexcom G6 Sensors


My son has been on the Dexcom G6 for almost 1 month now. he been having difficulty with his sensors failing. The sensors only last 3days and he has to change it, only one sensor last the full 10days. I called tech support they did not give any reason why they are failing just send me replacements. Is anyone else having difficulty with the G6 sensor?

I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I’ve been wearing the G6 for about two months and I have not had any bad sensors. It sounds like you got a bad batch. I just wanted to write to tell you to have hope - I’m really enjoying the honeymoon from calibration after almost 33 years of fingersticks.

I’m having the same trouble with my g6 I think I’ve had one that hasn’t failed and I’ve had it for more then a month. I don’t know what the cause is but you are not alone with this problem.

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We just got on the G6. Very first sensor lasted three days. Bummer. Currently on the 2nd one, hopeful from here. Your not alone! Good luck!

you too?! I’ve got so many callouses on my fingertips it’s not funny. G6 started this week, but I still check 4 times a day - habit. Nice to have the BS’s getting more stable though. What a relief.

Pump Peelz is the company I have hear rave reviews about. I ordered some, but haven’t gotten them yet. These are tapes designed to go around the G6 and have a design on them. Go to and look up pump peelz to see the video from a diabetic posting how well they work. Hope this helps you.

My daughter has also been wearing the Dexcom G6 sensor for about one month with the same issue. She now wears the Simpatch on top of the sensor to keep it stuck for the 10 days. Hasn’t been peeling off now with this approach.

I spoke to Dexcom tech over the weekend, he suggested that my son change his insertion spot to a more fatter part of the body . (Lower back) He also stated that the reason it might be failing is because the sensor occasionally goes into error and lost signal mode. If the sensor detected these errors it will fail.

The longest my son has gotten out of his G6 has been 6 days, usually we get to day 5 and it just stops working. There is nothing wrong with the tape, it does not come off, it is the sensor itself that stops working. We have tried different insertion sites on his body, lower back has been the best so far. I am on the phone with Dexcom every week ordering a new sensor. Dexcom did mention once that we may have to look at other options for him. I am terrified. Know that you are not alone, we have yet to get more that 6 days out of our sensors.

Thank you everyone for your helpful information. All of your comments help me learn more for my 4 year old grandson.

Hey @pinlov5
I don’t wish to pry, but how are your son’s blood sugars? I ask because when I switched to the G6 back in December, my sensors were failing all the time. For the first month or so I was lucky if I got 4 or 5 days out of one and my sugars were very high usually 300+ and since then I’ve managed to get my blood sugar under control (my last H1C was 7.5 just this week; down from a 9.8 in November). With my blood being better controlled I have yet to have a transmitter fail. Every single one for a little less than 2 months has gone the full 10 days