Need of G5 sensors for my son

Hi if there’s anyone who has any G5 sensors(it’s ok if they are expired) that they will not be using like if you upgraded to the G6 and have leftover supplies I could really use them for my 12 year old CGM. I just had the 3rd sensor this past week stop working today so I just put on the 4th one since last Saturday I don’t know why it’s doing this I’ve never had an issue where I had to change it so many times so I’m needing a few . I don’t mind paying shipping cost . It would be a blessing to us if you have a few extras . I greatly appreciate it a lot. I Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday !

you can call decom and let them know they don’t last and they will replace them for free. !!!

Give Dexcom a call they will replace any senors that don’t last the full 7 days

Hi Chrystal @martcl711, The DexCom glucose sensors [the G4, the G5, the G6] are some of the very best, and most accurate on the market. But, as you well know, every device, gadget, medicine, does NOT work the same in every body, for everyone.

I’ve noticed you post many times how you need more G5 sensors for your son because the ones you have don’t work; don’t you think it is about time that your son, his doctor, and you discuss this critical matter and make a decision to change your son’s management method?

In the long-run, your son may be better off, have better diabetes management, and you might feel less frustration.

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YES - Call Dexcom and tell situation. They send me a replacement every 2-4 weeks d/t failure. If you don’t have spare sensors they will overnight ship.

Yes thank you it’s the first time I’ve ever had any issues with them. I love the G5 it gives me peace of mind when my child sleeps at night especially. I did call the about 2 days ago and they are sending me one in the mail. I’m always looking for sensors due to the fact I’m in a rough spot financially and can’t afford full price from them. So other are so kind that have switched to
G6 to donate G5 sensors. I was down to the last that I had so was panicking . Hopefully this one they are sending will arrive soon. I appreciate you and anyone else who took the time to
offer advice it means a lot. So thank you

This lady has extra supplies to donate if you still need them

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Megan my daughter can use them that would be awesome. Here is .y email

Hi @martcl711. So sorry you’re having issues with your son’s sensors. @Dennis noted you have posted a number of times about needing sensors. I’ve found Dexcom is good about replacing them, but I’m curious what you mean when you say yours don’t work? I occasionally get 3 dashes and as I recall Dexcom tells me it’s lost connection but should come back. It’s different from the red, out of range icon and I don’t know what causes it but waiting a little longer usually does the trick. Acetominiphen pain relievers can give readings that are far off from your fingersticks, and it can be found in some allergy meds and perhaps other drugs.
I do agree with Dennis (as I do often do) that you need to try to get to the bottom of the problem. It’s frustrating for me and it only happens once in a blue moon so I imagine you feel the same way.

They work just fine I only had an issue one time when I had two that failed me back to back either because it was of the way I put it on or because the sensor was damaged I did call dexcom they said something they will have
certain Lot # go bad etc they did send two replacements. But no that’s not the issue I’m having. It’s not having any health insurance and before this cor virus when I do have coverage my deductible was so high that I was paying out of pocket prices. So when this virus hit I was hit hard lost job and health coverage . So i was looking for those who may have upgraded to G6 and had some G5 left over to donate. I’m trying to keep it going but I realize it’s not going to be possible but thank hug