Do You Think Bret Michaels Will Win Celebrity Apprentice?

Hi Everyone,

With the Celebrity Apprentice entering its season finale next Sunday, I thought I would poll the folks on here to see who will win. Bret is playing for the ADA. Check out the article here:  Bret Michaels Advances to Celebrity Apprentice Finals

hi DiabetesNewsHound :) I really want to see the Oprah show that he is going to be on-I have heard 2 different days so I will be looking out for it. This is our chance-Please Brit Michaels send a word out for type1 that clears up the difference between type1 and type2 !!!! :) I do appeciate all he has done for diabetes and he has been through alot in the past few months. I just want him to bring up his daughter since he has already has on the Apprentice and speak a little on type 1 diabetes.I will be watching with my hopes up high..

Did Bret Michaels win??? Or isn't it over yet? 

Nevermind.....just got my answer!!  Sorry:(

I don't watch the show-so that's why I can't say who I think will win...