Diabetic summer camp!

hi guys!! this year will be my first year going to a summer camp also what’s really cool is it’s a diabetic summer camp! my therapists helped me find it because it will be good for coping and also meeting lifelong friends who also have diabetes :slight_smile: i am a little nervous since i’m not the type of person who stays out and the camp is a week long, but i’m gonna push through it since i think this will be great for me! i’ll tell yous all about it after the camp is over in june. i feel like this is a good way to see that you’re not alone in this world with diabetes even though it feels like that since i know nobody else with diabetes. if you feel like this could help you i recommend you do it even if you’re a little scared like me, it could be a great opportunity and experience :slight_smile:

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Hi, Tori.

Bravo! Summer Camps can be excellent experiences for young people who have T1D, and for all the reasons you described. Excellent!

I wish every young teenager had the chance to go to camp. It would be a great place for them to make friends with people who have similar stories. It would also be a great place for them to find the emotional support they need to get through their teenage years. And it would be a great place for them to learn how to deal with the frustrations of having to take on an “adult role” when they are still young teenagers.

Have a great time!


I’m Also going to a t1d camp this summer. June 3rd through the 8th actually! its called Camp Kudzu highly recommended!

Hey All! Find a JDRF YLC committee near you! It is the Young Leadership Committee and they are in most major US cities. I have been a part of the YLC in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. Let me know if I can connect you to one. They are awesome and hold various happy hours and fundraising events. All are welcome of all ages. Type one and friends of type ones. :slight_smile: We have lots of members who went to camps growing up or are counselors now. I have done the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp for kids with diabetes in Oregon the last 13 years now.

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Summer camp was one of the biggest factors in me accepting my diagnosis and creating a positive outlook about T1D! I went to Bearskin Meadow Camp starting the summer after I was diagnosed and am now a camp counselor. Having a community of people de-stigmatizing the idea of being different has helped me see T1D in nothing but a positive light. I met so many incredibly strong people, learned so much about management and what I can still do, and actively wear my pump on my sleeve (lol) and tell everyone I can about T1D. Get to camp ASAP, it’s never too late!

Can you recommend a camp for my 11 year old daughter who is very afraid to go. We live in Petaluma, CA. I know it will help her dramatically!
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Can you recommend a camp in Northern California? I know my 11 year old daughter would really benefit from going even though she doesn’t want to.
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Is there a JDRF chapter near you? In Pittsburgh, our JDRF hosts a summer camp for the kids at a YMCA camp a few hours away. My son was 8 when diagnosed and I don’t know where we would be right now without camp. He was so depressed the first year of diagnosis and the camp just turned that around for him! I am not saying all is perfect but camp gave him support, the feeling that he wasn’t alone or different and the confidence to take care of it. They also work with each camper to help them become more independent in taking care of themselves.
You could also ask your diabetic health provider if they have information on a summer camp in your area. Good luck!


Good for you! I hope you have a memorable time and make a ton of new friends, good luck :blush::sunflower:

Dyf is a camp organization in Northern California. They run programs year round. If their weeks or locations don’t work with your schedule, check out the ADA website (diabetes.org) or DECA (diabetescamps.org) for camps in your area or for dates that work better. Happy camp hunting!

Hi Karen! Diabetes Youth Families (DYF) is based out of Concord, and they have camps such as Camp Kaiser, Camp de Los Ninos, Bearskin Meadow Camp, as well as other events and weekend camps throughout the year. Definitely check them out!!