Dexcom G6 Share and Cell phone for my 11 year old

I have an 11 year old with the G6. We have been wanting to use the share feature since it came out, but wondering what others do to help cost?? He would not be using the phone features. Just needs it to be able to have internet to run the app, but is that worth $30+ a month??? Do prepaid smartphones work and does using the app take minutes off a prepaid card??? I know iPod needs to be connected to WiFi to use it, but anyone have suggestions.

hi @aubielou Aubrie welcome to Type One Nation.

The application will use either the school’s wifi or it will use cellular data… not minutes (call talk time) . The data is most likely minimal, if the only purpose is this function, you could use a data plan with the smallest amount of monthly data.

yes a prepaid phone plan would work, and as long as the phone hardware is android or IOS, and has bluetooth and cellular data or wifi.

You could always ask the school if they would allow your child’s device on their network, and then if it’s on wifi you can use an ipod, or any old android or iphone and use the share application over wifi and not have to pay access or for data.

If the school won’t allow wifi access, then the only way share will work is cellular data, which you have to pay for. This comes with an access fee and a charge for data and only you can answer if it’s worth it.

the phone needs bluetooth to talk to the g6, the phone will need to be physically within a few feet of the g6 transmitter… it can’t be in a backpack or in coat pocket. if you child goes outside to play then the device will loose bluetooth contact with the transmitter and you will stop getting data until the phone re-connects with the transmitter.

good luck.

The app and share app are free. They work really well. I have the G5. I can tell you it will work for hundreds of miles in distance. A about a yr ago wife was in Connecticut while I was home in TN. Worked flawlessly. They even had a blizzard at the time. No hitches at all.
The fee for phone etc. can be determined easily enough. Is it worth your piece of mind to be able to keep check on your child. That is totally up to you. If it were me, no issue at all. I’ll figure out a way to pay for it! But no matter what, it’s still your choice.

It is true that the phone must be within 20 feet or so. So the school would have to allow accommodations for that.

But one other thing is that you can set the lower alarm up from 70. Like 80 or 85. This would allow your child a small cushion of time to get a snack to help ward off severe drops while in school. This could be kept in backpack allowing very little interference with class. Just need to have meeting with teacher(s), to figure out a plan.

I suggest meeting ( at least a phone call), with principal or school superintendent ahead of time. I’m sure your child is not the first person to be diabetic in school. They may have a policy in place that might make your life easier.

Good luck