Dexcom G6 issue

So yesterday morning My 2nd dexcom senor fell off so I had to put on a new one

Sadly that one said “Signal Loss” when I got home from school at 3pm to 8pm and that’s when I gave up and took it off.

I saw water on the bottom side of my transmitter and I don’t have any left now! I gotta wait 2 weeks before a new senor and 3 months for a new transmitter!

Anyone else have this issue?

We have had issues with the sensor staying on for the full time, but we use mastisol or there are other adhesives you can put down to make the area extremely sticky and keep the dressing on longer.

Also, dexcom guarantees the sensor to stay in for the alotted time. If it does not stay on for that time, call them directly and they will send you a replacement free of charge. I’ve had to do this over 5 times and get a replacement every time. They will even FEDEX overnight the replacement if it was my last one.

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Thanks I just need to call them at a time that works for me since they keep calling me at times i dont have my ohone on me