Dexcom case with clip

Hi - My 7 year old son was diagnosed on April 24, 2017. He recently started wearing a Dexcom, and for my son keeping track of the receiver is a nightmare. It is a bit large to keep in his pocket and I can’t find a case with an appropriate size belt clip.

I went to Tallygear and while they do seem to have a lot of products, the website is just not user friendly. I ordered a case with a clip from them, but the clip is HUGE and I need something more suitable and comfortable for him.

If anyone can recommend a good website that sells Dexcom accessories such as a belt clip, I would be most appreciative.

I like the belt clip holster that Dexcom provided with my G4s. Like that I can snap it closed or leave open for ready readings. Searched many sites for something half of Dexcom price for a replacement. Tallygear does have a lot of versions but nothing like Dexcom’s.
I have not used any of these and don’t know how you would attach it but before he loses a receiver, consider one of the “Key Finder” devices similar to

We are in a similar situation with our kids. They recently got the G5, and we absolutely love it! Both of them, ages 6 & 4, are very active and it can be difficult at times to keep the receiver within range when they are always on the go. We are looking for some type of waist/arm band to keep the receiver on them without limiting their ability to be kids (aka running, jumping, wrestling while pretending to be superheroes :smiley:). Most of the stuff I’ve seen online either seems too big for little kids, or would limit their ability to play like kids. Maybe there’s not anything out there like that, but if anyone has found something that works for little kids I’d love some info.

BTW, I completely agree about Tallygear website. They seem to have a lot of products, but that thing is a nightmare to try to navigate.

@ryanandjenn Hi Ryan,
Dexcom has a waistband for carrying the receiver; I know they come in different sizes but I’m not sure if the size is small enough for a 4 year old.
Speak with your Dexcom representative - I got one at a JDRF TON Summit.