Dexcom App

I am looking to upgrade to a phone that I can download the decom g5 app. Any advice on what phone to get. Android or Iphone? I am Android user so I am iffy about switching to iphone? Especially to iphone SE because it so small. Please let me know your opinion and experience with the app.

Be grateful for what you have, you currently have way more technology than the vast majority of people with diabetes can afford - use what you have to your advantage.

This is NOT a site for begging for funds - you are misusing this resource. If you want to remain on this site, please read and accept the guidelines for use.

I am truly sorry. I did not know. Please dont be mad. I went ahead and edited the post to a more appropriate topic.
P.s. i really do appreciate what I have. If it was not for my dexcom I honestly do not think that I would not be alive. I feel hurt and ashamed that you would think otherwise.
I am really sorry once again. Thank you and i hope you happy a great holiday season.

Thank you Charoelena @charoelena516, your apology is accepted. The way you presented yourself offended some people; as you may have seen over the years on here there are PWD and parents of kids asking for suggestions for being able to afford insulin just to keep living.
I did appreciate another topic on which you posted. And by-the-way, you don’t need to carry about loads of stuff - the Dexcom you wear is approved for dosing, so all you need to carry is the small Dexcom receiver and the pump that you are already wearing. Also, as you may know, the United States government refused to reimburse for Dexcom supplies until the CGM was modified to prevent the device from transmitting to a phone. - that regulation applies to Medicare and other government beneficiaries.