DexCom Alerts While Sleeping

Last night my blood sugar ran low and my Dexcom didn’t wake me up. What alert setting do you use at night? I had it on “Attentive” but now I wonder if the sound just isn’t working. When I woke up low it still didn’t make any noise it only vibrated.

@LaurenM, I also use the “Attentive” alert. Do you have it close to you? I’ve only had my dexcom for a few days, but two nights ago I went high around 3am and heard nothing, whereas last night I went high around 2am and woke up from the alert. I guess it depends on how well I’m sleeping.

I know that some people put their dexcoms in a bowl at night, to magnify the alarm. I’m not sure if that works, though; haven’t tried it. If your bed has the right structure, maybe you can put some type of holding container close to your head, and keep the receiver in there?

@MariaKhristine hope you are liking your Dexcom, thanks for the suggestions! I found that putting it on a small dish has made the vibrations loud enough for me to wake up.