Low Glucose Alarm Not Waking Me Up

Hey guys!

Though I am not new to diabetes, I am new here so sorry if I posted something wrong.
I am having issues waking up when I am low. I have the usual Dexcom G6 alarms that go off, as well as my Apple Watch vibrating, but neither work when I am asleep. Do you guys have any suggestions for either a louder alarm for my iPhone, or some other way to change the notification characteristics to make it more annoying to get me up? Thanks for the help!

Hi @finnd7 welcome to TypeOneNation and the forum. You aren’t doing anything wrong! I can only suggest that a highly annoying notification such as “cosmic” or “presto “ on iPhone are extremely bad if you also set the volume to max. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Good luck . :four_leaf_clover:

@finnd7 Hi Finn, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum.

I’m somewhat deaf, even when wearing some very expensive devices in each ear - and I remove them when sleeping - I can understand your situation. Currently, I use my Tandem insulin pump as my primary Dexcom receiver, and the pump has good wake-up features. There is a sound setting [I forget the name] on the DexCom Receiver that causes responded to alarms to get louder and won’t stop making noise until you take action. My Samsung phone which I have linked to both Tandem and Dexcom also has persistent and loud alarms that get louder by the minute until I take action - just ask my wife. I mute notifications on my phone before bedtime, but a feature of Dexcom overrides mute and makes a firetruck sounding alarm whenever my Dexcom hits my preset “low” reading.
I have “Always Alert” activated.

A topic was posted a while back titled Hears NOTHING at night! - #15 by wadawabbit - Parents - JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum and forum members shared some creative solutions. Perhaps one or some of theirs will work. Keep us posted! Wishing you the best.

@finnd7, @wadawabbit, @Dennis, @joe

Dennis, Dorie, and Joe have given you great info.

There is one more rabbit to pull from the hat. SUGARMATE is a third party app I know will work in the Apple environment. It will even call your phone or someone else’s phone for programmed alarms.

You could try SUGARMATE and program a unique ring tone for calls from Sugarmate like a Navy sea-alert klaxon like, BLARE, BLARE, continuing in the background while “General Quarters, General Quarters, All hands man your battle stations, this is not a drill”, if you wanted something to blast you from your slumber. I actually use that ring tone for calls from a special number I need to answer forth with.

Just an idea. May work if you are out cold. Helps to charge your phone on your night stand if you do this.

Let us know the results of your quest. It is how we learn.

I’ll have to look into that app! During the winter it’s harder to hear my pump or phone alerts with all the extra blankets. I wear a belt closer to my neck so I can hear the alerts more easily. Thanks.

@finnd7 , been a long time since your initial post.
[1] Did you develop or find a solution?
[2] If you have a solution, please share so all may learn.