First night with Dexcom. How do I get this thing to stop beeping?

Just got our Dexcom G-6 last night. When I put it on my daughter there was a lot more blood than I thought. Ive read mixed reviews about this. Thoughts?
Her number was off a bit after the warmup. We tested her at a 204 and the Dexcom had her at a 178. I calibrated it and she went to bed. Throughout the night she was consistently higher than the dexcom so about 0230 when she was about 20 points so off I calibrated it. Then her numbers were higher than the glucose strip. At 0500 I tested her and she was at a 119 but the Dexcom showed 133. After I rolled her over it corrected.
0705 Now she has eaten. We use almond milk if she gets cereal and she ate a protein bar. 37 Carbs 1 unit (40:1 ratio). At 0720 I can tell where the sugar hit and the insulin started flattening her out. I thought we were in the clear. Oh, Nay Nay. 0810 Then the carbs kicked in and she shot to 303 double up arrows and the thing is beeping at me every 5 minutes. I turned the reminder on to every 1 hour but it still keeps beeping at me. Ive raised her limit to 400 just to shut off the beeping. I know she’s high stop reminding me, I cant do anything right now because she still has her insulin from breakfast working.
On the plus side her numbers have equaled out now that she’s not laying on the thing. :joy:

Wow. Can you come to my house?
My wife just rabbit-kicks me when my sensor starts beeping in the middle of the night.

May as well give your Dexcom a name for when you start talking to it. Something other than “Stfu”, because that is what mine is called.

Brilliant :rofl: I kept meaning to think of a clever name for mine but now we just call her “Dex”.
@Restless_Daddy are you using a phone or receiver? I don’t know exactly how it works on the receiver, but on iPhone there’s a way to change how often Dex will alert you after the first alarm–I have mine set to “repeat after an hour” but you can also change it to “never”.

She uses a phone with a B/U as the receiver. That’s the funny thing. It was at never.

Then the poop really hit the fan. We gave her .5 units at 0900 to bring her down. she was gently coasting down till she was 80 at 1100. My wife is much more worried about a low. I am more worried about highs. She texted me to ask what to do. I said to feed her lunch. She replied with what I thought was “do I give her a juicebox?” what she actually said was " I just gave her a juicebox." I told her to give a roll of Smarties instead of a Juicebox. She heard " give her a roll of Smarties" If your already laughing you know where this is going. She got lunch, Gogurt, Smarties, and a juice box with only 1.5 units to cover carbs. My daughter was in heaven. insert : rocketman by Elton John :. I came back to my phone an hour and a half later and she’s still at 324 and had peaked around 390. We gave an extra .5 units and will now discuss lessons learned. by “discuss” I mean I will profusely apologize for my miscommunication.
I really cant make this crap up. I’m only now to where I’m laughing at it.

Wow :rofl::rofl:
My strategy before bed is to silence all alerts except low/urgent low. You can also turn off the “always sound” feature and put the phone on Do Not Disturb–that’ll have the same effect.

Oh thank you for the laugh. I needed it this morning.
You are a good husband, ( will apologize profusely had me rolling)
All the best

@Restless_Daddy one roll of smarties is good. Lol! I used to over compensate for lows and it’s hard not to - especially if it’s your baby girl! Stick to the glucose tablets. 3 at a time - wait 15 min for recovery. I used to overcompensate (ice cream - yum!) but then I would pay with the extra high rollercoaster afterwards.

Glucagon is a good solution if you are concerned that the low will be too low.

The number of glucose tablets required depends on how sensitive she is to them. 3 glucose tablets would raise my blood sugar from 80 to 140. One would be enough to raise my BG to 100. And 15 minutes may also not be long enough for the BG to rise. Mine takes at least 20 minutes to start to rise and 40-60 to get where I need it to be. On the other hand, if the BG falls even further than 80 after 15 minutes, this would certainly require more glucose.