Dexcom vs MiniMed Alarms

Hey all -

I've been a happy user of Dexcom for years now. It's time to get a new pump and
CGMS so I'm considering switching to MiniMed. Having only one device on my belt
would be convenient.

But the main reason I'm considering switching is that the Dexcom alarm doesn't
wake up at night. It happens way too frequently that I wake up high, having
slept through the periodic double-beep of the Dex.

So my question to those of you who use MM is - does the alarm wake you up? I've
used the MM pump and when it wants to alarm it really does - there's no way I
could sleep through that. Is the high/low BG alarm similarly insistent?

Also interested to hear any other general comments from those who have tried
both to get your perspectives.