Covid vaccine!

I was called to get my first dose on Monday! I will be receiving the moderna vaccine. Just curious if anyone on here has had their series yet and just how they did with side effects after each vaccine. Thanks!

I got my first shot of moderna and it was fine. Nothing happened regarding blood sugar. Arm hurt like heck though. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I had a very mild reaction to the first Moderna vaccine, and a rather challenging reaction to the second (chills, body aches, etc). However, it was WELL worth it! So grateful to have such an effective vaccine.


Did the side effects to the second one cause any issues with blood sugar or just more you felt blah? How long did the side effect from the second one last? I’m happy to get one too!

I just had the J & J vaccine on Monday. I noticed no blood sugar increase until about 24 hours later, where my blood sugar rose unexpectedly for around 10 hours. Then it settled down. So I think as long as you are carefully monitoring your blood sugars for several days, that might pick up the kind of reaction that I had, and you could give yourself a bit of extra insulin as needed.
Hope this helps!

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Hi, for me, the second shot may have raised my blood sugars a bit, but not out of control. The symptoms lasted for about 24 hours, and after that I just felt kind of tired for a few days.

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Thanks all! I had my first dose. Felt kind of blah the day after and my blood sugar was a tiny bit elevated but not horrible.

Congrats on getting the vaccine! I received Pfizer and the first dose was fine. I noticed some lows the first night, but nothing crazy. The second dose floored me though! I had what I can only describe as brain fog on the first day followed by muscle aches at night and extreme tiredness the second day. After 48 hours and a good night’s sleep, I was back to normal.

Overall, I’m happy I was lucky enough to get a vaccine despite the side-effects I experienced.

I am 78 years old, have had both of the Mederna vaccines with no side effects other than my arm a little sore for a day.

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I had Moderna. I use Medtronic 770g and cgm in automode. Sore arm the first shot but no effect on glucose. Second shot the day
following I had fever, chills, nausea, cough and exhaustion. My glucose was stuck at 300 all day and part of the next day. I should have treated it as a sick day and gone on manual mode. But all better now and so happy I got it.

I’m sorry to hear that! I felt mildly ill after my first Mordena shot and had elevated numbers after dinner for a bit. Although, it could have been some bad carb counting on my part because I came down easily with a correction bolus.

I’m a little nervous for the second one to see how sick I feel, but agree that I’m lucky to have access to a vaccine and one day of feeling ill is better than a couple of weeks. Thanks for the heads up on blood sugar, I’ll definitely keep a close eye on it.

I had both Moderna vaccines. The first one only gave me a very bruised and very sore arm. A day after the second one I got a rash on the vaccinated arm. Three of my cousins had the same thing so it may a familial genetic predisposition towards the vaccine. That afternoon I was exhausted and achy but no fever. The next day I was fine. Cortisone cream took the rash away. As far as I can recall my blood sugar wasn’t affected but my second dose was 3 weeks ago.

I got both doses of Pfizer. No reactions to either. (My arm was a little sore for both but nothing else…) My wife who is borderline type 2 had nothing on the first dose but after the second dose she vomited that night and was a little feverish and achy the day after

Thanks so much everyone for your responses! I just had my second dose on Tuesday so wanted to follow up for anyone else who wants to read this thread. First dose for me was no big deal just a sore arm and tired. The second one was not nearly as fun and I felt pretty under the weather like I had the flu. It took me 36 hours to recover. The good news is I had very minimal effects from my blood sugar and if anything was on the lower side.

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So HAPPY the vaccines are available and so quickly! What a Blessing!
My first Moderna vaccine effects were not bad: sore arm, achy all over, very tired, slight nausea.
The second dose was not fun, but worth it! For the first 24 hours my temperature remained between 100 and 101.3 even with Tylenol, shooting pains random from head to legs, headache, glucose stayed 300-375 even with multiple injections in addition to increased basal rate via pump, nausea. Legs were weak and numb, needed help to get to the bathroom the first 18 hours. I could do nothing but sleep and try to drink water. Thankfully after 36 hours the fever came down and I became functional again. I am, however, still seeming to be resistant to insulin.
After losing two biologically related family members to Covid19, I am just so very, very thankful to the Good Lord for helping me be on the way to being fully immunized against it. The misery of a couple of days is WORTH IT to prevent suffering the illness which I probably would not have survived, based upon my response and my genetic connection with others who lost the battle.
PLEASE get your vaccinations, just take a couple of days off to recover, have someone with you, have lots of glucose test strips, etc. and drink lots of good fluids! Wishing you all the best!

I had both Pfizer shots in Feb. My sugars were a little higher than usual the first night, but not sure it was from the shot. Other than that, nothing but a sore arm from either one.

We had Moderna. My husband had fatigue with the second one, but was able to work as usual: went to bed early that night, and that was it. I was tired, too, but that’s no different from any other day for me. :slightly_smiling_face: My mom had Pfizer, and no side effects for her, either.

Pro tip: minimize the soreness from any vaccine by moving your arm around a lot afterwards.

Do your part: Get vaccinated!

It’s an advance blueprint for your immune system, so it knows what to be on the alert for. Forewarned is sore armed!

(And definitely much better than getting sick. Or getting anyone else sick.)

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