Vaxination affect you as diabetic

How did vaccination affect you as diabetic?

Not at all. Moderna, shot 1 arm hurt. Shot 2, I felt tired for 8 hours, shot 3, (because CVS was giving them away) arm hurt. None zero nothing happened to my blood sugar.

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I got the Pfizer vaccine and had a lot of body aches the day after the first one, and maybe some soreness at the injection site. Don’t recall anything following the second shot. Numbers were good overall with both.

My daughter had Pfizer, and no side effects at all. Her arm was sore from the injections, and that was it. No change to her BG with either shot.

Had Moderna. Did VIGOROUS range of motion exercises to injected shoulder - - - - and balance exercises on the opposite shoulder. No discomfort.

BIGGEST issue was increased insulin usage by 200+ %


Had two doses of Moderna in March. Just received a 3rd shot but this time Pfizer. Slightly raised blood sugars the day after second shot. No other impact. The great thing is that I feel safe. Don’t fear the vaccine, fear death on a ventilator alone.

I had the pfizer vaccines and I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary blood sugar-wise. I had a mild fever and some muscle aches following the second shot. But nothing a little tylenol couldn’t fix.

987jaj J What do you mean by — that you had to use more insulin than usual to carbs? Please give example, not in percentages but in actual numbers… sorry to be so dense.

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I don’t recall having problems with blood sugar levels after my first 2 Pfizer shots, however after I got my booster, I had great difficulty getting my BS under 300 for about 2 days.


What I mean is with my pump, I dial in carbs & it does the math. 300 units lasted me about 72 hours. For 10 weeks after Moderna 1 & six weeks then after Moderna 2, I found the insulin I took needed to have me count carbs double. For example, if I ate a 24 gram Zone Perfect protein/ fat/ carb bar, I needed to correct as if I had eaten 48 carbs. I had to do this for the 10 weeks after jab 1.

My average insulin usage is 100 units per day, so my insulin demand went to about 200 units per day.

When I discussed with my endo & HHS VAERS, the fact reported was Moderna caused an approximate 200% increase in insulin demand or the insulin needed for me to maintain my CGM control during the 10 weeks after jab1 lasting until 6 weeks after jab 2.

Hope this helps.

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To everyone who has commented on response to vaccination — THANK YOU. It is encouraging to me and probably to the rest of us who still hesitate to be vaccinated. I know it is necessary, for self ---- as well as the community!

As you’ve noticed, responses vary greatly so if/when you get your vaccine just keep an eye on things and prepare to respond. Hopefully any effects will be mild and very short term.

hi @mkurkov Marina, I’ll add one more story. My cousin Dan thought covid was BS (and I DONT mean blood sugar) he thought the vaccine was “experimental” and he thought everyone who was scared of covid had been fed a bunch of lies.

he refused the vaccine. he thought masks were useless and was very confused as to why the CDC changed advice on masks, and this was proof “no one knew anything and this is all lies”

he contracted covid, it went straight to his lungs, he was admitted to the hospital. He begged the doctor to save his life. his last conscious words were, and I quote: “I thought all of this was bulls**t, Im sorry, I wish I had more time”. He was sedated and put on a ventilator. He died 3 days after intubation.

Dan was a loving, family guy, he is sorely missed by my family, and I am sure he would want you to know the end of his story. good luck to you, whatever you decide.

Joe, I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and to everyone else who loved your cousin. Thank you for sharing his story.

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Joe — so sorry for the loss of your. cousin. Hope his story will help others who hesitate. As for me, I will have to chance taking the shot, even though I had a very bad reaction to a flu shot some 20 years ago and haven’t had any since for that reason. I did not have diabetes then, and was fearful that it might make things even worse.

My son (15 years old) had the vaccine without any problem except sore arm and a little tired. His numbers did not change.

To katie6407 — Thanks for sharing. Every added response (and all have been positive) encourages me to get the shot!

@mkurkov FWIW getting the shot was a pretty quick process. I got mine at a local pharmacy - they took appointments and it which may good to make one as they have to take the bottle out to warm up before administering. Since I had to wait about 15 minutes I did a little shopping to pass the time.
They had me sit for 10 or 15 minutes afterward, then I headed home with nothing more than soreness at the site. I did my usual routine the rest of the day. Body aches came on the next day, and I probably took an OTC pain reliever for that.

Dorie --thank you! This input coming from a fellow diabetic means a lot! Be well! Marina

We are still debating about whether to get our 13 year old son vaccinated. Our school nurse’s non-T1D son (11) developed Myocarditis after his second shot and had to be seen by cardiologists all summer.

So, still debating.