COVID vaccine and blood sugar control

About two weeks ago, I received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Since then, my blood sugars have been suspiciously good - I haven’t gone over 200 in days. I’ve had a lot of trouble remembering to prebolus in the past, and that hasn’t changed in the last few weeks - in fact, nothing about my routine has changed since I got the shot - pretty sedentary during the day, occasional exercise in the evening, no diet restrictions. I have had a handful of occasions in the past where my blood sugar has been mysteriously good, so maybe this is just one of those times, but I was curious if anyone else had been experiencing better-than-normal blood sugars after the COVID vaccine.

hi @carrie67 , Since available, people have been reporting no blood sugar changes, positive blood sugar experiences (like yours) and negative experiences. I think and IMO, it may not be very different than any other sampling of blood sugar control, for any random period.

I have received both vaccine doses, and so for me, I experienced no blood sugar changes of any kind. Glad you are OK!

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@carrie67 I believe that it is different for everyone. In my case, I had a lot more variation in blood sugar, that I noticed. This was after my first vaccine. I have not had the second one yet. Then again, I had covid already and so I may have had a different experience. Now, the real question with that was if it was from the shot or something else. I do want to say, that I know a few other t1d’s who had the same thing I did where they had a lot of lows the first day and then were elevated for a couple of days after that. I think it is different for everyone, so you could be having a good spell or it could be something else. I think it can all be a mystery sometimes. I hope that you continue to have good blood sugar!!

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Hi @carrie67 and welcome back!

I received the Moderna, not the Pfizer, vaccine and have also noted significantly more level BGL data gathered by my Dexcom monitor system. In fact, I had to reduce meal-time bolus ratios, and the Control IQ almost continually reduced my basal flow rates.

My second COVID vaccine was April 3rd, and about a week ago I needed to return, step-by-step, my food bolus ratios to where they had been two months ago.

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I have had both Pfizer vaccines, with no changes in blood sugars.

Haven’t any changes in my blood sugars levels. Don’t know why it would effect blood glucose.

I have had only the first vaccine shot (Pfizer) so far but did notice a strange drop in blood sugar readings - so much so that I actually had to shut my insulin pump off over night to prevent it from dropping dangerously low. After a couple of several weeks it seemed to level off and I can now leave the insulin pump on.

For me, no changes whatsoever between shots but the day after my second dose I trended on the lower side for 36 hours. Not sure if it was related to the actual shot or just that I ate very little since I felt crummy.