Hello I have been off and on this forum and I was wondering if there any body who I can speak with via text or email doesn’t matter about my diabetes like a long distance " pen pal " I know it seems strange I just don’t want to log on here every time and write down what’s going I would love to have a friend somebody I can shoot a quick message to and chat it up about how crazy this chronic illness gets if not its cool if so just let me know I would love to talk with you :slight_smile:

Hi @re-silient my name is Petar. I know how you feel. Diabetes can be crazy and it sucks. I know because I have Type 1 Diabetes for 30 years. I would love to be your friend. We are in the same boat together. I am here for you. :blush:

My email address is

Hi @re-silient my name is Ted. I’ll be glad to trade emails with you anytime. I’ve been a Type 1 for just over 62 years, and would also love to be your friend. I’ve spent over 30 years helping other diabetics with the many questions our affliction creates.

i wouldn’t mind helping. i have had diabetes 56 years. i think i know a thing or two.
may i ask your age?


I’m JIm and it appears you’ve hit a “sweet spot” with your pen pal plea. I’m T1D for 53 years and would be happy to join in the conversation. Sounds like it could be interesting.

Whey my name isJessica I don’t have it my 13 year old does but would love to have someone to talk to about this craziness we just got diagnosed March 6 of this year!
Email -

Hi Jessica, I was diagnosed a couple of months before my 11th Birthday, 44 years ago. I am anything but a model T1D, but would be more than happy to be a sounding board/perspective giver for you! I had a tough time being T1d during my teens, and could maybe give you some insight into your kiddo’s behavior and response to this challenge we face. My email Feel free to contact me whenever you need to!