Coming to terms

So I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 5 coming up on 6 years this February and it still does not feel real.

I’ll be going about my day but then something will break my thought, usually as I’m doing my shot or just thinking about the disease, and it will hit me hard. I have diabetes. I will have this my whole life. I will have to poke and stick myself for so many years to come.

Everything seem hyper realistic at this point even when looking at my hands they will seem more real then ever. It’s just all comes crashing down on my at once.

The worst part is that even if it has already happened it can and will still happen again and also when I’m not expecting it.

I just want to know if anyone else feels this or what are your ways of coming to terms with having this disease.

Hi Bunny @test-strip-bunny,

You are not alone, many people, me included, feel like you do, or they have felt like that.

My first 10 years after being diagnosed with I was in denial and had the “why me” syndrome. Yes, I knew that I got this thing for life - which was forecast to be only a few years but rather unexpectedly about 52 years ago I “accepted” and made the decision I want to live and have a great life. And it has been a great life where I’ve done everything - more than many other people I’ve met - married, raised a couple of kids and now enjoy grandkids and rose to the highest level in the corporate world.

And now living an active retired live for seven years after having worked massively hard for over 50 years - and several of those work years I had perfect attendance records. Yes, I studied diabetes, learned all that I could, and have been my own primary doctor; but I always find "the best endocrinologist, with whom I can validate my treatment plans.