Diabetes and College

I was only diagnosed in June 2014 and then set off to college and moved away in September. People told me to take a year out and postpone college until I got used to everything but I wasn’t going to let me slow it down. Recently I’ve been run down and getting colds and my blood sugar levels haven’t been very consistent and it’s hard to deal with it while living away from my family. I’m just feeling really down at the minute and feeling quite useless and weak because I’m letting my unsteady blood sugar levels get to me. It’d make me feel much better if anyone else can relate to this in some way or if anyone has any advice because at the moment I’m the only person my age that I know of, with diabetes and I’m feeling very alone.

I was diagnosed a little over a month ago. im there with you but im 13 so I live with my parents. I hate it. and my best friends is moving states away from me. im down as well with everything and I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago. I cant give you advice, but I can relate because im always in my room and never realy with my family. they just judge me a lot and think that they know how I feel.

I’m sorry to hear that Shannen, I think the main thing to do is to keep testing! I know it’s so annoying but when I’m feeling sick I need to bump up the basal insulin alot more or else my levels skyrocket up! In my opinion correcting as often as you can (without over doing it hah) will make a hell of a difference to how you feel. Once they are in good range you will start feeling better as well I’m sure :slight_smile: I hope you are feeling better soon it sucks being sick all the time. Ps good choice on staying in college

Hi Shannen,
I’m also a freshman in college! I was diagnosed when I was ten, but have also been working to try to figure out how to balance everything with moving away from home, the diabetes, and school. If you ever just want to talk, exchange stories, or laugh at some of the ridiculous situations that college brings on, feel free to message me! I would love to have someone to talk about college and stuff with! :slight_smile:

Hey @ShannenRuane, @quiggles @nelsagrace

Have you heard of the https://collegediabetesnetwork.org/ You should see if your college has a chapter.

Also, JDRF has resources for those with T1D in college check it out here: T1D Resources - JDRF

Thanks so much to everyone who replied. Definitely feels nice to know that I’m not alone out there. :slight_smile:


That’s why we are all here right???

Hey guys,
I’ve been getting really frustrated with my diabetes lately. I’ve been having constant lows, which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight (having to eat sugary foods). I’ve been going to the gym and eating less and nothing is working. But also school is quite hard. I’ve been having trouble with detecting lows lately, I just can’t seem to tell anymore. I used to get shaky, feel dizzy and go pale. Now nothing happens, even if I’m at 3.0! I’m also really annoyed because my mum always shout things out when we have guests around, like “What are your levels? Have you done a test? Do you need some food?” It’s pissing me off because I don’t want every bloody person in the world to know! I told 3 people at school and somehow people I haven’t talked to in years have come up to me and said, “I hope you’re ok.” But it just makes me angry and regret telling anyone in the first place. Another thing, (sorry, im just ranting here), is that I couldn’t have changed anythign to stop me from getting T1D in the first place. It wasn’t anything I ate, it wasn’t because I was unfit. It just happened.

Thanks for letting me vent guys. Even if no one reads this it feels good to get it off my chest.

Hey guys,
It honestly breaks my heart when I see people struggle and get so down or frustrated because of a disease they could not prevent from having. I am also a T1D and have been for a short four years now. It’s so hard to keep yourself on track with blood sugars, and eating right and everything else diabetes brings when you’re in your teenage years. Starting to live with this at the age of 15 and going through high school, graduating and starting college, has been a challenge and it’s even harder to deal with without support or knowing that you’re not alone. But, what I’ve learned over these years is that you are not alone, not at all. Finding this website and being able to connect with kids my age about the daily and long term struggles of having T1D has been great.
There are times when I know nobody around me understands the fact that I drank the whole 2liter of diet pepsi within a night because my blood sugar was way too high. Or when I go out and order a salad because I can’t have too many carbs but my friends can eat a whole pizza to the face. There’s times when I feel so left out because I have to be extra cautious with my body than my friends. Not that they can do whatever they want and be 100% healthy, but you all know what I mean. Having diabetes isn’t always as easy as other people make it seem and it isn’t something that is easy to understand. We get depressed, we get easily frustrated, and sometimes it’s just so overwhelming that we don’t know who to run to. We should all have somebody to run to when times get dark. So, if anyone wants to talk just to vent or share stories or absolutely anything, message me! I would love to have a conversation with you guys!