Coffee and high BG's?

Does anyone find that when they drink coffee it raises their bg"s?    In the mornings, I always have coffee with a little fat free milk and will often eat breakfast later... I find that my BG's will go up.....



If coffee drinking was an Olympic event, I would be a finalist!  I have not noticed coffee alone raising my blood sugar but I have noticed it changing my IC ratio.  So, if I do not have coffee I can get away with 1:13 but that can drop to 1:8 with coffee… *shrug*  I will also add that I probably drink a minimum of 14 cups of coffee a day M-F so, who knows if I would EVER notice a difference…




I keep seeing the studies - it's bad for you - it's good for you -it's bad for you... i quit watching when they last said it was good for you- please let me rest in that misguided state for as long as possible, i dearly love my vice!

i did notice this! last semester I had 8AM classes twice a week so I would grab a cup of coffee before class. I would always be higher at lunch. I was so frustrated because I would put splenda in it and creamer not milk

so now i just don't drink as much.

Caffeine can raise my BG. But I can usually fix it by drinking water.

I always thought for me the Caffeine lowered my sugars. But I have been trying to figure out my increases in the morning. I usually get up in the morning, shower and do all the morning stuff. I usually have coffee or Diet Soda (yes at 6:00 in the morning). Since being on the pump I have noticed that even if I was at a constant line with my CGM by the time mass was over and I had breakfast, my sugar would climb. Not much, but by about 13 - 20 points. I always thought it was the thyroid pill I was taking in the morning that caused this. But now I will have to experiment. You have piqued my interest. If you guys find anything concrete, I am looking forward to hearing it.

Yeah someone on this board mentioned that Caffeine does raise BG because it causes adrenaline release, which raises blood sugar...just like how some exercise raises BG in the right situation.

Your blood sugar may be going up not because of the coffee but because you are waiting so long to eat. If you go to bed around 10 pm and don't eat anything until 10 am, that can cause your blood sugar to increase. I've noticed that when I skip breakfast I'm often pretty high by around lunch time.

Sometimes I thought it may be that. But I usually go to be by midnight, up by 5:30 eat by 8:00.

Well, I don't drink my coffee black, so I have to take insulin with it anyways.  I add splenda and french vanilla, so I have to take a little insulin for it.

there are studies that show the effect on caffeine with BS levels and overall A1Cs, and did show an increase in both... HOWEVER, this was for type 2 diabetics.  I'm not sure if this can apply for us.  Anyway, if you're high in the mornings maybe some of you are just going through the dawn phenomenon... or maybe it is indeed the caffeine.  I had to tweak my basal in the morning to fix my highs.

BTW, there's nothing wrong with drinking diet coke in the morning.  At least that's what I used to tell myself when I woke up at 5:30 everyday :)

I rationalize the morning Diet Soda as my coffee is just carboanted and preflavored. No extra work involved. My friends tend to look at me askance and just stare. But you know what, you will never see me making the "bitter coffee" face that some people do in the morning with bad coffee. Since mine comes premixed! :-p

My dietition told me coffee and flavored coffees don't have any carbs, untill you get into the Starbucks type drinks, but even plain coffee raises by blood sugars as well.

I drink coffee all the time and it doesnt raise mine...wierd :S

YES! I don't know what it is about the stuff. I love the walk-on-its-own-out-of-the-pot type of coffee, but even weak coffee does this. There must be something in it other than caffeine that causes the jump. I guzzle diet mountain dew--2 liters a day, minimum (it's cheap around here), and I don't get level jumps from that.

Oh, and I'm not type 2. I think it's something like the pizza phenomenon, minus the obvious whole detectable food difference. Would morning cortisol levels affect coffee effects?

I've never noticed this, but I tend to be very sensitive in the morning and go high easily after breakfast, which I know if common. I'd bet that would be involved for some people as well as coffee in the am...

its funny i never heard of this till i was watching some Dlife special about a T1 marathon runner and when she was going through her daily routine she was saying she drinks coffee before she runs cause it raises your blood sugar i was like ok first i ever heard that.

Me personally my blood used to always be higher in the morn like i would have to do double the amount of insulin the morn but it was that hormone thing that happens.

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If coffee drinking was an Olympic event, I would be a finalist!  


i would be too! i drink enough coffee to keep a person up for 6 days straight each day. lol

it varies. sometimes ill drop and sometimes ill raise. i like it when i drop cuz then it gives me an excuse to  put sugar in my coffee. or creamer, whatever is available.

I know I'm a little late with this post but I had to weigh-in. I find that my blood sugars are particularly high after breakfast which ALWAYS involves coffee. I do add some milk to the coffee which I account for in my bolus (I'm a pump user) yet I always end up high. I'm starting to think that coffee on its own might not raise my levels but that it changes my insulin-carb ratio. I wish they would study the effects on type 1s more. Tired of having mid-morning highs but I just can't give up my coffee :(