Caffeine and BG

I recently started drinking coffee. I use creamer, milk, and sugar, so I've been bolusing for those things. I've been bolusing on the low side, but I'm still getting low after drinking it. Does caffeine lower your blood sugar?

Usually caffeine raises blood sugar.  But since it's lowering yours, then just underbolus a little.

Oh Boy, a caffene post. My CDE always recommends a bolus to cover the small amounts of carb in the cream. You have those crazy artificial sweetner alcohols to contend with, unless you are using the real stuff. Let's not forget the wonderful dawn phenom as well. Sound as though Jenne has a great suggestion, could be a basal rate as well. Good Luck Erica!!

Raises mine!  Wish it lowered it :)

Not sure if this was a factor on my recovery(?). About time my insulin use started to wane, was also the same time I started drinking Monster Rehab!

It always raises mine.

@ Keith, you were never really T1 diabetic.  Even if you were, your not now.  So leave. Seriously, someone get this guy out of here.  He's just bored and seeking attention.

Did someone here feel the hot wind from over the cow pasture!!! LOL