Coffee, too? (sigh)

Okay, so I'm mad. I remember, nearly twenty-two years ago the doctors telling my mom I "might get upset" about being diagnosed with diabetes. I recall my mom telling me to punch this furry, white pillow, (after injecting it with saline for practice) if I got mad. I never got mad back then. But I'm mad.

Coffee makes my blood sugar rise. I have kind of known this for a while, but now I see it. I wake up at 5:15 every day, and drive up the great 405 for 18 miles to do without COFFEE? Grrrrrr! Will it ever end?

I am so frustrated, I just want to give up food altogether. Everything I put in my mouth is like poison! First I'm a kid who can't eat candy, now I'm an adult who can't have coffee? What did I do in my past life to warrant this suffering!?

Any other type 1s experience blood sugar spikes after coffee? Today I went from 98 to 270 in about 3 hours. This was without carbs!


There was a past thread on this topic, and others said coffee made them go up. But, what I wonder is if you're not having morning insulin resistance. Every morning, I need to take my insulin literally 45-60 min before eating, and I still spike around 150-220 post breakfast most days. ("Dawn phenomenon"). Paired with the reduced exercise during your long drive, too... So, technically I'm high after my morning coffee, but for me, it's not the coffee, just that I always creep up at that time of day even without eating carbs.

If you have coffee in the afternoon, are you sure you have the same problem?

Otherwise, I'd just take more insulin, lol. I know I couldn't live without my coffee! I think that's why I was such a grumpy pregnant person. (-;

I have the coffee spike.  It's easy to document because I only drink coffee at work.  I just take an extra 1.5u and don't have a blood sugar spike.

Sarah made a great point of dawn phenomenon contributing to a morning blood sugar spike.  I also know that on work days I detach from my pump for almost an hour to take a shower and get ready, so I've learned to take an extra bolus after reconnecting to make up for the basal insulin I missed out on.

I won't give up coffee. Sometimes it makes my blood sugar go up. When I have Tim Horton's coffee the cream makes my blood sugar rise but I just take a unit of insulin and enjoy my coffee. :)

There is no such thing as a diabetic not being allowed to have something, and anyone who tells a diabetic that they can't have something is just ignorant of the condition. If you want to eat/drink something figure out how much insulin you need, take it, and go on with your life as normal.

Coffee does the same to me. I know it's not my basal bc on the mornings that I don't drink coffee, I'm fine. Mornings that I do drink it, though, spike me. I now take 1 unit of insulin per cup, and I'm good to go. Good luck finding your own balance!

I go up in the mornings too - with or without coffee, with or without food, thank you dawn phenomenon...  I would wake up at 90, and be over 250 2 hours later, no matter what I ate or didn't eat.

So my endo and I did some adjusting... My food:carb ration is lower for "breakfast" and I increased my basal during the morning. Some minor tweaking should have you enjoying your java again, with no guilty conscious. :)