Calling all Christians

Are there any Christians on this site? If so were you DX'd before or after Christ came into your life? For me I was already committed to Christ and I feel for me it has made my journey easier. What about everybody else?

I'm a Catholic and I was diagnosed at a very young age (four). I was raised in the faith but didn't become very serious about it until about 2 or 3 years ago. I used to feel angry at God for letting me get diabetes. I asked Him 'Why me? What did I do to deserve this?". Now I say "Why not me?". I have realized how strong of a person I am because of dealing with this disease every day of my life. Not only can I deal with getting vaccines better than most people I now (haha), but I feel like I can overcome the challenges of everyday life more effectively too. I overcame being diagnosed with diabetes, so the little things I deal with every day seem even smaller when I think about it that way. Now I am very strong in my faith and know He does everything for a reason :)

Sorry for the delay in response, just seems nobody responds on here. I am glad you responded because I was curious about a situation like yours. I am glad you found a peace in it. I feel the same way. There is a reason and sometimes it just takes time to know what that is. :)+...

I was raised a Baptist until 1995 when after the OKC Bombing I began to question my faith. After searching I found that for me, becoming a Catholic means that I have found my true spiritual home...and it is even more important now that I have type 1 diabetes. I was baptized in 1986 as a Baptist, surrendered my life to Christ in 1997, was received into the Catholic Church in 1998, received my first communion that year and was confirmed in 2000. I am a much different person because of my faith.

Thanks for sharing okcpwd1. Cool journey! Keep the faith.

I was diagnosed at 4 and didn't become a Christian until I was 29.  My faith has definitely helped me deal with the emotional part of diabetes, especially when I was pregnant and had to make peace the fact that my son could inherit D from me.  My son hasn't developed diabetes, but I trust God no matter what happens.    -Jenna

My husband and I became the Seventh-day Adventists October 2000.  I had been raised Baptist, he had been raised Mormon.  After much studying and finally getting Biblical answers to questions we'd had for years we felt we were "home".  I was diagnosed 2004 and feel that had it not been for our faith the journey would have been much more difficult, especially since it took years for me to get the correted diagnosis of T1.  I know that God carried us through that time and still does today.

My son was DX after I was a GOD fearing Christian.  It has truly made my walk with GOD stronger and has helped me keep a positive outlook on Maurice's management.

I was DX at the age of 3 1/2. I become a GOD fearing Christian when I was 12. Since then it has made my life with diabetes alot better. I know that when I am haveing a bad day or something is not going right I can always ask God to help me and gide the way in my life.