Beware everyone

BEWARE FELLOW T1D’s! I am a new member of this community, and recently I’ve been contacted by another member who was pretending to be something they are not. This person was phishing for information which I did not give to be apart of some “opportunity” to receive a lot of money. Right there red flags shot up! So I just wanted to warn everyone here not to share too much information about yourself (i.e. full name, location, address, any identification papers etc.) because the next person may not be as informed as I am. It sucks that people go on here to receive support, and then end up speaking with a person such as this. This person gave her email as I also looked this address up, and it was on a list as a confirmed scammer. Be careful everyone.


Thanks for the info!! I’ll make sure to watch out for this person.

She recently contacted me as well. I had a strong feeling she was a phony. Thanks for the information on her being a scammer

Just got it as well

LOL! Same thing with me.

Yes Folks,

Always BE AWARE!

I received a message from that user, looked closely at “her” and hit the “Report User” button. I advise members to use this option whenever you feel such action is justified.

Thank you for posting this, I just got the same email today.

Thanks for the warning, I just got the email too but saw this post before I added her!

I got that message two days ago. It was written in classic scammer language, and asking to make contact outside of the Protective Forum messaging. I did not respond to the request.
I reported the message to the Web Dev team but have not heard back.

she send me a meg to. watch out for this type. they want money or more.

Yep I was sent an email as well. Thanks for letting me know. I thought the letter seemed slightly off.

I too got a message from her and deleted it. Sounded wrong. I also just got a message from Jennifer@Jenshilo that also sounds wrong to me. Anyone else?

yep i got one from that Jennifer@Jenshilo as well. report & move on. might be that helenmorgan.

I’ve also been getting messages from Jennifer@jenshelo that don’t sound right.

Yes, I received messages from both this “Helen” and “Jennifer”. My brother is an expert in finding scammers so I may see if he can find these ladies(?).

Thank for sharing this information. :+1:

Wow! Me too, but I DID respond to her message. Yikes! Hope I don’t have issues later, because of it. I have significant firewalls on my computer. I’ve never heard anything back from her/it. Damn!

I also got an email from this person, and reported it and marked as spam. Knew something was fishy.

Note that the “User” in question here was removed by Moderators within one day of joining this group.
I strongly suggest that upon receiving anything “questionable” that you flag to message for review.

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Thanks Dennis! It’s a lot easier to report members/posts with the new format. :slight_smile: