JDRF marketing emails

Is anyone else in this community experiencing an unreasonably high volume of emails from JDRF? I’ve supported the organization for years and am particularly grateful for this forum.

However, after making a monetary donation two years ago, I have NOT been able to successfully unsubscribe. At least 5 emails per week arrive in my inbox, almost all of them seeking further financial contribution. This strikes me as being excessively distasteful and makes me hesitant to tell other peers or newly diagnosed folks about JDRF at all.

If anyone else has been caught in the web of money-hungry JDRF emails and escaped from it, please let me know! And to those of you considering donations, beware.

Hi @KaraG . You posted this a couple of weeks ago and I noticed it again this morning.
Hackers have found very creative ways to commander or duplicate logos and marketing materials from legitimate organizations and use them for their own purposes. I’ve gotten some very realistic looking messages purportedly from Norton, Microsoft and others letting me know about an upcoming renewal, a need to verify my account, or something else - with a very convenient “click here” button that would likely install malware on my phone. Many of them are loaded with typos or other errors but some are pretty convincing! Try hovering over the sender name - or if you don’t have a mouse, hit “Reply” or “Forward” and you’ll find the sender address in the message text.I find these always come from an individual’s personal email account - although one genius used one from work :flushed:. That one I forwarded to the employer’s customer service department to investigate. I’ve taken to forwarding the messages to the company whose logo is being used, in case they want to investigate. My email has found its way into many making lists so I do what I can.
This may not be what’s happening with you but I thought I would share.