I have been trying to get life insurance for myself, wife and twin girls(9 months old). I was told by Securian the Underwriting Group that due to my Diabetes I was automatically denied and this was without even contacting my endocrinologist or my primary care physician? When I asked them for a copy of there underwriters policy and regulations they follow they told me that it was proprietary. So disgusted that even under a Group plan I was still denied because I was honest on my application!

Greetings Jpainter45. I wish I could share some good news, but this has been an issue I encountered almost 30 years ago when my oldest daughter was born. I recently was denied STD insurance through my current employer, which I had had at previous jobs. At one time, Franklin Life did allow me to participate. Best of luck

Thanks for your input Mr. Dole. I think that with all the discrimination talk going on in America today someone would take a closer look at this issue and do something about it? I’m willing to fight hell with a squirt gun if need be? I’m just upset that through out my life I have been denied so many things and never said a word but when I go and try and protect and take care of my family like any other red blooded American, no, human being I get NO with no further explanation, no documented proof, no consultation with my doctor, no medical history check-up and really no verifiable reason? I am not trying to dismiss any of the inequalities and problems in our society but I don’t see any difference in denying me life insurance because I’m diabetic or denying someone life insurance because they are a different race or gender, because they did not have a choice in the matter just like I didnt have a choice in being diagnosed with T1D?