Best Protective Barrier for Dexcom G6 Sensors

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We’re chugging along with the Dexcom G6 and for the most part, the sensors caused no skin irritation. However, this last sensor did cause some irritation. I know Dexcom last changed their adhesive in 2019, so we know that isn’t the issue.

The only thing I can think of is that we usually remove the expired sensors right after shower, which makes it a bit easier to remove. This last time, we got preoccupied and forgot about it until a few minutes after shower. It was a little tougher to take off. I’m hoping that’s it, but I just want to prepare in case we need a barrier.

The Dexcom site says Smith and Nephew Skin prep/no-sting skin prep is preferred due to its protection and moderate adhesive properties. I’m not sure if we need any extra adhesion. We currently just use the sensor patch and overlay from Dexcom and that usually does the trick.

There is also Smith and Nephew IV Prep, which does not have the adhesive properties, which might be better.

Wondering if anyone has used either of these products or if there is a good one you use.

Hi @mawa316. There have been some posts referring to adhesives as well as allergies. Often the term comes up under another topic, and I found this one where people shared some suggestions to help with sensitivity issues. Although the post in the link is related to a different device the suggestions may still apply. Unfortunately I think finding the one that works best for you is a matter of trial and error, but you’ll find some options here to get you started. Also do a search for “adhesives” or “allergies.” You’ll have to do some digginv but may find something that works for you. Best wishes!
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Hey @mawa316, I put together everything I need for a pump site change in baggies. Everything I need except the insulin is there. I have not had skin issues, however, I have heard of people using two different products ahead of CGM site changes to protect the skin. One is IV Prep and the other is IV3000. Here is the picture of them with everything else. One idea is prep the skin & put the plastic IV3000 dressing down & shoot the CGM thru it. The other idea sis prep the skin, then layer IV Prep on the clean skin, let it dry, then shoot the G6 thru it.

Hope this helps…

Hi @987jaj. I’m curious about the AutoSoft XC. It looks like the AutoSoft 90 which I used to use - I switched to the 30 a while back. If you’ve used both the 90 and the XC, what’s the difference?

@wadawabbit, as I understand the difference. It is the connector at the tubing - cannula assembly disconnect. I don’t have a picture of the 90. Here is a picture of the XC up close. To me the XC’s connections are all inside the cannual dome while the 90 may have pieces on the outside.

Hope this helps

Thanks for sharing (fellow early bird😊)!

@wadawabbit, Bedtime is fast approaching…

Matt @mawa316, over the years, I’ve used Smith&Nephew IV Prep wipes an never had a skin-reaction. I began using the IV Wipes for infusion sets - 15 years ago - to help them stay well adhered to my body during 50 mile bike events in the humid Florida heat; they did an excellent job.

I have occasionally used these wipes before applying Dexcom G5 & G6 sensors if I knew my activity level would be extraordinary. For me, adhesion of the G6 has been very good, never loosening even with daily hot-tub therapy or extreme activity - just super-clean skin, no soap, bath-wash, shampoo us the key. Try staying away from tapes and over-patches unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks Dennis,

I thought the IV Prep didn’t have the adhesive quality (How can I avoid irritated or sensitive skin caused by the Dexcom sensor adhesive? | Dexcom). Adhesion really isn’t a problem with the sensor, it may be a skin irritation problem when removed.

I’d be hesitant to use something that might make it more difficult to remove. Once I can determine which S&N product doesn’t enhance adhesion, I’ll try that product.

I’ve heard that some people use Tegaderm between their skin and their device - you could make a small hole for the introducer needle to minimize contact with the sensor adhesive. I personally find that Tegaderm peels along the edges - that could be due to my skin or skin care products; but I’ve found it easy to remove as well. Available in the first aid section of the pharmacy.

I had a MAJOR reaction to the dexcom g6 adhesive seemingly out of no where. I posted and all of these awesome tips have helped me tremendously. My skin is totally back to normal. I spray the site (where the new sensor will go) with Flonase, let it dry then apply a skin tac wipe. Absolutely life changing. At someone’s recommendation on here, I also use 1% hydrocortisone cream which has again, helped tremendously when I was experiencing irritation. I continue to use it after each sensor is removed to keep the skin nice. Good luck!


We do use the Dexcom overpatches, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue, the rash-like irritation is only in the area of the sensor patch.

Same for my son - everything was fine until the last two sensors. I just ordered the Smith & Nephew Skin Prep wipes to try…

I guess we’ll try just this wipe first, but I will keep the Flonase before and Hydrocortisone after in mind!!!

Thank YOU!!


Just an update… We may be onto something with Sugar Patch barriers (SENSOR/INFUSION BARRIERS/UNDERLAY PATCHES | The Sugar Patch). Toe tapping music on that site too!!

We used Flonase + Sugar Patch and NO RASH!!! This current sensor is a test of just the Sugar Patch, but its promising.

We tried Tegaderm HP and Opsite Flexifix as barriers and though the rash did not seem quite as bad, it was still there and lasted or the area was visible for a while (week at least).

Matt @mawa316 , it sounds as if you may have really helped your son through your experimenting. Congratulations!

Out of curiosity, when DEXCOM sent out a broadcast message to registered users earlier this year asking people with sensor issues to participate in a testing of new adhesive, did you respond? It sounded worthwhile for people who had reaction to the current adhesive as well as people who needed to use over-patches; an participants were paid for their time.

I actually don’t recall receiving a notice from Dexcom on that. I definitely would have looked into participating.

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