Bag of hope / adult care kit

hey guys,  i was just wondering if any of you have ever had a jdrf bag of hope,  or jdrf adult care kit.
if so,  how long did they take to arrive?  and what was in them?
i'm super excited and can't find much information anywhere else.  thank you!!

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Hi Shay @snooky, the “Bag of Hope” content as well as the Tool Kit content is listed under the “Resources Tab” at the top of this page. Lots of helpful information.
As to “how long to arrive”, within a couple of weeks or immediately if you visit many JDRF events. At our “One Cure” walk two weeks ago kits were being handed out at one of the booths and I’ve seen them at a few other diabetes related events.
Take a look under the “Events Tab” and see if there is something you can attend - I’ve learned a lot at these events.

hi dennis!
to my suprise,  it actually came in the mail today!
however,  it did not include a meter,  which i had been looking so forward to...  i almost feel ungrateful for asking,  but do you potentially know how i can go about letting my local chapter know it was not included?  my current meter seems to be very inconsistent and i was very excited about a new one — especially the one advertised on the page.
thank you!


I do not know why a meter was/is no longer included. You are certainly free to call and find out why.
I suppose you know that your doctor can write a prescription for a meter and for the test strips you need and the meter is usually free of out-of-pocket cost to you. Also most meter manufacturers will give you a “free” meter because they know they will get plenty of money from you when you or your insurance company pay them for the BGCheck-strips.

The hospital gave us ours, but your endocrinologist may have extras as our did. They offered us one on our first visit but we had ours. We also get our meters and insulin pens free from our endocrinologist. I am sure they have ALOT of them as pharma companies always provide them wanting to have you use that product