Medtronic Insulin Pump Supplies

Hi everyone, we were just informed earlier today that Tricare disenrolled us effective 7/31/2020. With quarantine and all the craziness that I call life of being a mother of 4, the payment for the premium slipped through the crack. So for the next 3 months until open enrollment in November, we are without insurance. Which means my daughters pump supplies are going to come out of pocket for us. And I have contacted Medtronic and unfortunately we don’t qualify for assistance. Does anyone know of a site that sells the pump supplies at a discounted rate? From the research I’ve done today, it’s the Guardian sensors that will be the most expensive of the supplies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @joanie_mags and thanks for writing in. I’m so sorry to hear about your insurance! Occasionally people on the forum have supplies thru no longer need. If you enter some iteration of the word “donate” you might find some. Here’s one I found:

You’ll have to scroll through the responses - some were posted a while ago so be sure to check dates. I wonder if your doctor might have some supplies you can use - that may be worth looking into. I’m sure you want to get done right away but keep checking back from time to time to see what comes up.

Thanks so much for the info, Dorie. I saw that post but has since closed, so I couldn’t reply back to her. I’m new to the forum, so I wasn’t sure how you can message the members directly. I’ll try your suggestion and search donations. But really at the least looking to see if it was possible to get a discount for the supplies. Really a tough lesson to learn and will have our premium automatically deducted versus getting a statement in the mail come open enrollment…

I sign up for online notifications and get email reminders, which are very helpful. What a tough lesson!
I’m not sure whether it’s in the link I gave you or another thread but someone had some recommendations about assistance programs. If I find it/them I’ll send them to you.
You can send a private message my clicking on they person’s name, and the option comes up. Keep checking back - you never know when something will pop up again.

thanks again for all the help!

Hi Joanie, @joanie_mags

Are you still looking for pump supplies? I have some I will donate to you. I have 5 sensors and at least 8 boxes of the ( [MiniMed™ Quick-set™ 6mm Cannula / 23" Tubing (10/box)]
Product code: MMT-399
plus boxes of the ( [MiniMed™ 3.0mL Reservoir (10/box)]
Product code: MMT-332A
I am no longer on the pump due to other health issues and back on injections. I don;t want them to go to waste.

I meant to say my pump is the 670G so that is what my supplies are for. I hope it will help.