Anyone have any experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Type 1?

I just got blood work results and found out I tested positive for the Rheumatiod marker. I have been having issues with my right hand, foot and as of two nights ago my right elbow too. I have to speak with my endo to see what Rheumy he suggests and see where I go from here. Pretty nervous!

Are you sure it's not Thyroid?  My mom never tested positive for RA but experienced all of the aching/swollen joints associated with RA and was treated as though she had it.  Long story short, after many years it turns out that her condition was never RA but extremely low thyroid.   Once she got on the proper medication her aches and pains started to subside.  

I was tested positive for RA and my endo checks my thyroid every year and has never been an issue. I wish it would be that easy.

I was diagnosed with JRA when I was 10. I have been on Naproxen, Methotrexate pills (and injections) and am now currently taking Enbrel (injection) once a week. It is controlled now, but it took years of meds!

I just saw my Rheumy yesterday and he said my blood test showed a low number for the rheumatiod factor but that my swelling in my fingers was worrisome. I have to do another round of blood work to determine what treatment route he can take and I will see him again on March 22. I told him I would like to hold off on meds until after my husband and I (finally! Ugh) get pregnant and have a baby. So we will discuss all that when I see him again. I sobbed after my appointment. I hate hearing, "because you already have an autoimmune disease you are at higher risk of getting others". Kick rocks. I'm tired of those phrases. I know this isn't the worst thing that could be happening but it doesn't help me out emotionally and mentally. I'm just over it all.

Side note, the doctor was very patient with me and made sure I understood everything he was telling me and answered all my questions. I like a doctor that takes that time!

I was really interested to read these posts, because about 3 1/2 months ago the joints in my hands began hurting quite suddenly. Of course I did a bunch of internet searching, and based on the symptoms: fatigue, (going on for over a year), joints of both hands hurting and swollen, etc, I decided it must by RA. I had the textbook symptoms. I made an appointment with my doctor, but waited a month, and in the mean-time went on an anti-inflammatory diet and started taking several specific vitamins to help with inflammation. When I started I was in constant pain and couldn’t make a fist with either hand, though my right hand was much worse. By the time I had my doctor’s appointment, my symptoms were about 80%-90% improved. My doctor ran numerous tests for RA, which were all normal. So now I don’t know whether something else is going on and I truly don’t have RA, or the diet and vitamin routine actually helped that much. I’m thinking I should go to a Rheumatologist anyway, because I’ve read these tests are not always accurate, and my hands are still not perfect. But I do like the idea of helping this (or any) condition with lifestyle changes first, and drugs as a last resort…