Anyone Else Anxious About Change?

I have previously ordered the Omnipod in an attempt to start myself on the pump, but my nerves got the best of me. The pumps have been stored away and yet I find myself wondering if I should give it a try.

Hi @gmanle01,

If I was in your shoes, I’d certainly go for the change. You are a “locked member” on here so I have no idea about your length of time living with diabetes nor your past treatment protocol. And if your doctor prescribed using a pump, why question that professional advice without even giving the Omnipod

For me beginning a pump protocol after 48 years managing diabetes with progressively better methods, was a game-changer. A pump has provided my with much more flexibility in my life. As long as I maintain proper basal rates [I have eight different “standard” basal rate changes each day] I need not be concerned about the occasion when I must skip a meal, for instance for surgery, or is a meal time is delayed, for instance at a banquet.

I’ve survived for more than sixty years living with diabetes by being proactive - and staying aware.

@gmanle01, my very first pump sat in the box 6 months. scared the &^%#% out of me. then I tried it. we’ve been there, good luck.

What you’re feeling is normal, but don’t let it hold you back. When I first switched to a pump I felt kind of sad and like I was missing something. I was missing shots after 25 years of doing them! Weird but true. A pump helped me SO much. Would never go back to shots.

Go for it! The pump is the best thing for me. Like Dennis said you can have specific basal rates throughout the day that mimic more closely what your pancreas might have been doing if it were functioning. I can fast, skip meals or have meals when I want instead of eating because my long term injection makes me. It is freeing. As much as I dislike the insertion process, it is only once every couple of days instead of 4 or more times sticking with a needle each day. Let us know what you decide to do and if you are happy with your decision. Good luck and have fun!

I’m feeling the same way I’m new to all of this. And I feel like I don’t need more insulin at times I don’t eat enough ever and I’m a snacker. They want to put me on the pump but I’m scared I’m gonna get too much and drop to low or not Kno what to do if I eat something I shouldn’t it if I want a beer. I’m so up in the air right now I’m on night dose of toujeo and them during the day suppose to take 3 shots of NovoLog but I haven’t been taking 3 because I wait too long to eat and I’m low then I have to snack to bring it up. I see the Dr tomorrow so hopefully I did out what I’m doin wrong or right . Can anyone tell me what the pump would do for me? Cas I’m still so confused

Hi @gmanle01,

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I have been doing multiple daily injections for four years now because I’m scared of switching over to the pump as well! I think that a good middle ground to start with is using Dexcom. I absolutely love it, and it subsides the fear of having a foreign object attached to your body at all times, if that’s something you’re afraid of. Best of luck!