Any successtips?


Sorry if this post offends anyone, but now husband I have been trying three months and no success...any tips or advice?!


I am really hoping to not have infertility problems ontop of the diabetes. We have tried the;

- off my birthcontrol for 2 solid months before even attempting to try (i was on the nuvaring)

-make it fun, not a chore--- everyone says this!!!!

-every other day for like 2-3 weeks, which is draining lol

-calculation of ovulation

-ovulation kit

-hips up after wards

-taking anything with mucinex during the times your having sex to increase your mucus membranes...


this is getting insane......when you want something so bad, and can't have it is starting to become depressing...

Wow, that is frustrating. My friend tried all of that stuff that you listed--they tried for 6 months and then she decided to stop trying and take a break. Then you know what happened? She's pregnant now =) But, honestly...3 months is not long at all. It usually takes a healthy couple 6-12 months to get pregnant, so it's totally normal. If you try longer than 12 months, your A1C's and BG's are good, you are eating healthy and STILL have no success, then I'd talk to your doctor. Maybe do some research on the mucinex and nuvaring to see what the indications (or contraindications) with conception are, just to be safe, I am not knowlegable on those things. Just try not to try so's easy for me to say but it will happen when your body is ready. Good luck.

I agree with Kelly.  That is what happened to us.  We had a miscarriage, we tried for four months straight and I was going insane.  We decided to take a two month break, go to mexico and guess what, that first month...Pregnant!  my little girl is 4 months old and doing well.  Just do everything you can to keep your body healthy so when you do concieve you will be primed and ready for it.  Stress really does block the conception.  My speicialist said that stress is the body's own defense mechanism against pregnancy.  Basically your body knows or thinks that life will be to stressful to bring an infant into the picture and the baby won't thrive or survive so it goes into supression mode.  Which I guess makes sense.  Stress causes a release in coritsol and other nasty things so try to calm your body, take a two month break ( I know easier said than done when you want something soooooooooo bad) and I bet you will have luck.  Kelly is right.  Fertility speicialists won't see you unless you have been actively trying for a year.