TTC/Husband with T1

Hi all! My husband has type 1 diabetes (he was diagnosed when he was 8 years old; he's now 25).  We have been TTC since September...Now when I say that, I suppose we've been more passively trying than aggressively trying...I stopped taking my birth control pills at the end of September 2012.  More than actively trying, we've just been "NOT" not trying to get pregnant--like if it happens, it happens--I hope this all makes sense!  So far, we have not had luck. I'm really surprised (and maybe I shouldn't be, I don't know!) that we have not gotten pregnant yet...we are both young and healthy.  We recently bought an ovulation predictor kit and will be trying it out next week (wish us luck)! :)  However, I've wondered what role, if any, his diabetes plays in our ability to conceive.  Does it make it harder to conceive?  I've tried to look up info on the internet but haven't really found anything good/reliable/helpful...Anyone on here have any input/advice?!   I know a lot of these posts are from mommies-to-be with T1 or TTC women with T1.  But hopefully someone has some input for us! Thanks so much!

Hello!  First of all, don't be too surprised that it's taking some time!  I know that it's difficult to be patient and that worries always to start to rise up if it doesn't happen right away...but it takes plenty of people ample amount of time to get pregnant, especially with their first!  I have several good friends who took quite a while to become pregnant with their it took 8 months, one it took 1.5 years and the other it took 3.  Not to be discouraging at all, I just want you to know you're not the only one!  Try not to stress about it too much, you're body is extremely sensitive and the littlest thing can change things drastically!  Just try to stay positive, as patient as possible, and enjoy it!  Good luck!

As far as type 1 and the impact it has on conception, there's quite a bit to it!  It can have an effect on conceiving and can sometimes increase the risk for miscarriage...but that's typically when the mother has type 1...not the father.  As far as I know, the father having type 1 doesn't impact conception or pregnancy nearly as much as the mother.  Although chances of the baby having type one do increase if the father has type one...I have read that odds are 1 in 10 or 1 in 11 that the baby will have type one diabetes if the father is a type one diabetic.  NOT TO SCARE YOU!!!!  Those are just odds.  My husband's cousin is a type 1 as well and has two gorgeous children, neither of whom are diabetic!  I'm sure if your husband's blood sugars are out of control that could have a potential impact, so I would say the best general rule of thumb is that you both take great care of yourselves, be as healthy as possible, and just keep on trying!  It'll happen!

I sincerely wish the best for you and hope that this was more helpful and encouraging than discouraging!!!  If you're interested, there is a great book on pregnancy and type 1, although only the first portion deals with pre-conception.  The remainder is for type 1 moms dealing with pregnancy.  It's called, "Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby" by Cheryl Alkon.  As I said, the entire thing might not be helpful, but the beginning could answer some questions for you!  Good luck!!!!

First off about 15% of all couples deal with infertility.  That means about 1 in every 6 couples.   Most (about 80%) can conceive with fertility treatment.  

You'll find lots of studies saying that people with diabetes have lower birth rates, but there is good research to show if the people with diabetes are less fertile or if they are avoiding having babies so they don't pass the disease to their offspring or have pregnancy related complications if it's the mom who has diabetes.  

I saw this small study from over 5 years ago saying type 1 diabetes may damage sperm, but couldn't find anything more recent or compelling.  That makes me think there's not much to it.